A salve is a healing ointment that is used to soothe the skin. The drawing salves have therapeutic properties by which they can draw out boils, insect poison and wood splinters from the skin. Although they are not yet approved by FDA but the demand for these salves does not cease. Many families use home-made salves to heal bee stings, rose bush and splinter problems in kids. They are available as an over-the counter medicine too.

Before one decides to purchase drawing black salve one should be sure that the product is the right one. Incidentally, there are two different herbal products that are generally referred to as black salve. The second product is the black salve that contains bloodroot.

The best commercially available black drawing salves are those which contain the following:

• At least 10% – 20 % of ichthammol.
• Phenyl alcohol.
• Skin-enriching vitamin E.
• Anti-inflammatory comfrey oil.
• Bergamot oil.
• Arnica Montana.
• Echinacea.
• Calendula.
• A base of beeswax.

The most active ingredient found in drawing black salve is Ichthammol. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it effective in the treatment of cysts. It heals the cysts by weakening the skin slightly. This softens the skin and increases the blood supply. As more blood reaches the affected region it brings along with it more white blood cells. These cells are a part of the defense mechanism of our body and they help the body to fight off the infection in the cysts.

Since the black drawing salves that are available in the market are quite costly, one can also consider preparing them at home. The best and the most potent salve is the one that contains herbs because herbs have therapeutic properties.

There are several recipes for preparing black drawing salve at home. The following things should be kept in mind before using a home- made black drawing salve:

• As a precautionary measure consult your doctor before using it.
• Apply a little amount on the forearm to make sure that there are no allergic reactions.

These tips may be helpful for a safe treatment.

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