Boils can occur in people of all ages. The newly-born infants are particularly prone getting boils. Boils occur because of localized infections that are caused mostly by the bacterium named staphylococcus aurous.

Unfortunately, the antibiotics that had been successfully used earlier to control such infections have lost their effectiveness. Reckless or over prescription of antibiotics by doctors and the wrong practice of not completing the antibiotic course by the patients have lead to the development of the antibiotic resistant strains of staph.

Nowadays the hospitals have become a kind of a breeding ground of the antibiotic resistant strains of staphylococci. Although this is basically a hospital related problem however, evidence shows that antibiotic resistant strains of staph are no longer confined within the hospitals but have spread outside as well.

Some of the antibiotic-resistant strains of staph may be present in the general population because of their getting seeded amongst the general public by those patients who have undergone a treatment in hospitals.

In quite a few hospitals about 90% of the newly-born infants have been found to have acquired penicillin-resistant staph bacteria in their noses. Whereas the adults have been found to lose the hospital acquired staph bacteria within a short period but the infants have shown to retain the strains till a year or so. Such bacterial strains can manifest themselves clinically in the forms of boils on the infant’s skin.

Before the extensive use of penicillin had become rampant in hospitals, only around 18% of the kids below 5 years of age carried the penicillin-resistant staph bacteria in their noses and throats. However, after penicillin started being used commonly the percentage of such kids rose to 45.

Newly-born infants are quite likely to spread the hospital acquired staph infections amongst their family members.

Although the rate of the hospital acquired staph infections amongst infants is high yet the infants tend to carry the strains till some time until the strains manifest themselves clinically.

If the parents suspects that their infant has developed boils due to a staph infection then they should consult a pediatrician. The doctor’s instructions about the medications should be followed exactly in order to cure the boils in the infant completely.

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