Turmeric for Boils- A Time-Tested Formula

Herbs have been an integral part of the allopathic medicines in the early years of the 20th century. Even till the mid-twentieth century nearly half the medicines had herbal ingredients. Turmeric has also been mentioned in many ancient texts.

Turmeric is quite popular in India and is widely used in the Indian cuisine.

It is a multi-purpose herb which is used to cure different ailments.

A few of its therapeutic properties are that of a blood purifier, germicidal, anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever.

It has been extensively used in the various medical sciences such as the unani, TCM, ayurveda etc. In ayurveda it is used to cleanse the whole body and to end pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses turmeric to improve the blood circulation.

Research has proved the anti-inflammatory properties and other benefits of turmeric which make it a power herb.

The main curcuminoid which is found in turmeric is curcumin. This is one of the best anti-inflammatory known to mankind. It is also anti-tumor and anti-oxidant.

Turmeric boils treatment is quite effective due to its therapeutic nature.

Taking a natural course is considered the best in case of boils. This is because these days a lot of bacteria have developed resistance towards the antibiotics which are commonly used to as a medical cure for boils.

Turmeric comes to the rescue when most of the treatments have failed. Besides having curcumin which is anti-inflammatory agent turmeric acts as a good blood cleanser too. Presence of toxins in blood is also instrumental in causing boils.

Turmeric is helpful in treating MRSA boils which are difficult to cure with antibiotics.

Turmeric can be used by mixing the powder with warm water and drinking the mixture. This should be followed by the intake of 2 glasses of water.

Turmeric and boils seem to create magic by the way the boils vanish when turmeric is applied to them. Since a timely action can prevent further complication hence it is best to take turmeric in the form of a mixture. This nips the boil in the bud and does not give it a chance to grow.

Turmeric can also be mixed with other natural substances for better results.

A thick paste can be made by mixing turmeric and ginger powder along with salt and honey, preferably Manuka honey. The paste is applied over the boil and tied with a cling-film first and with a cloth over it to keep it warm. This poultice should be kept for a day or two for best results.

If during this period turmeric mixture is taken internally also, it helps in a quick recovery.

Turmeric can also be used in the form of a capsule. A 450 mg capsule, when taken daily helps in curbing the boils.

A little care has to be taken while using a turmeric poultice as its stains are quite immovable. So turmeric should not be brought in contact with the clothes.

Turmeric can also be included in one’s diet because of its blood cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.

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4 Responses to “Turmeric for Boils”

  • Turmeric/Curcumin, wonderful for sore throat and other pain, love it in my cooking!

  • Tina S.:

    I have a huge boil under my armpit. I do not have health insurance and really tread going to the e.r. I decided to look on the internet for alternative treatments for boils. I kept finding turmeric over and over again. I was thinking that I had to go to a store and by some. Low and behold,I had some right in my house that my Indian friend had given me sometime ago. I hope it works and if it does, I can share my testimony with others.

  • Boils Treatment Expert:

    You can try turmeric or poultice, but please understand that this is not a medical advise and i am not competent to provide any ( all the information on this blog is only for informational purpose and shall not be taken as medical advise), i request you to please contact your doctor as soon as possible

  • Pat G.:

    I was in the same situation 18 months ago. The boil turned out to be MRSA. If I had not sought medical treatment it might have become septic. I could have turned into blood poisoning. No matter what go see a doctor ASAP. It could spread. I had to have a minor surgery to lance the boil. Thankfully, I am well now.

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