What is the Treatment for a Blind Boil on Skin?

A boil gets completely healed only after it forms a head or a tiny opening and then spills out its infectious contents. A blind boil is the one that takes too long to become ripe and come to a head. The treatment of a blind boil usually does not require any medical intervention. Antibiotic therapy is used only if there are chances of the spread of infection or if the boil is caused by MRSA strains. Lancing is a minor surgery that is done to alleviate the pain and also to prevent any untoward incident such as a ripe boil getting ruptured and spilling out its pus while a person is asleep.

The treatment for a blind boil on skin usually involves some simple techniques that aim to help the blind boil become mature and burst open. They are as follows:

• First and foremost the blind boil should not be pricked or scratched with the nails. The hands should be washed before touching it as boils are generally contagious. Meddling with the boils is an immature way of handling them because they contain pus that is laden with the bacteria, some of which may have survived.
• One should use an antibacterial soap for bathing to be on the safe side.
• To control the problem of blind boils on skin internally one should try to keep the bowels clean. If one is suffering from constipation then the skin gets burdened with an extra responsibility of expelling the harmful toxins that were supposed to be expelled via excretion.
• Increasing one’s water intake also helps in expelling the toxins from the system.
• Place a washcloth that has been dipped into hot water on the blind boil, after wringing it out. The temperature should not be too hot for the skin to handle. Repeat this procedure several times in a day till a yellow tip is formed on the boil.

If in spite of using all these self-care tips the blind boil does not show any sign of suppuration or ripening then having it lanced by a doctor would be the last resort of dealing with such a stubborn blind boil.

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