Can we Treat Boils with a Tea Bag?

A lot of research has been conducted on the different teas that are produced from the tea plant, Camellia sine sis. It has been found that such teas have anti-bacterial properties. The research also proves that the antibacterial properties of the white and the green tea are the best. Some tests have shown that the tea extracts exhibit bactericidal properties against the stubborn methicillin resistant staphylococcus aurous or MRSA. A group of researchers have discovered that tea also destroys the harmful bacteria that cause cavities and plaque. Tannin is a compound that is present in the tea plant. It is said to keep the harmful bacteria out of the mouth. It helps in reducing swellings and shrinking pimples. Tea also has anti-inflammation and soothing properties.

Boils are basically localized infections that usually get triggered due to the staph bacteria. They tend to produce an inflammation in the skin. So it has been found that a topical application of tea bags on the boils proves to be an effective cure. Some facts related to the use of tea bags as a cure for boils are as follows:

  • The molecules in the tea are released only when it is brewed in hot water.
  • A tea bag that is used as a treatment of boils should be dipped into hot water and not milk.
  • Using a tea bag as a hot compression for boils is a totally safe method.

The following simple steps can be followed for using a tea bag to cure boils:

  • The boil region should be washed with an antibacterial soap and it should be completely dried.
  • A tea bag that has been dipped into hot water should be placed over the boil and tied with gauze to keep it in place. The tea bag should have a tolerable temperature.
  • Once the tea bag cools down it should be dipped into hot water again and then placed over the boil. This procedure should be repeated a few times daily till the boil gets ready to suppurate or discharge its pus.

The used tea bag should be discarded. This method can help in bringing the boil to a head after which is usually gets drained and heals faster.

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