How to Treat a Boil in the Nasal Passage?

The boils that occur in the sensitive region of nose require special attention. The doctors are also concerned about such boils because the veins in the nose lead directly into the brain. If the deadly bacteria get a chance to spread then a life-threatening disorder known as cavernous sinus thrombosis can develop.

Sometimes an infection known as nasal vestibulitis occurs in the region just within the nasal vestibule or nostril. If such infections are minor then they may form pimples at the base of the nasal hair. They can also develop crust around the nostrils. These infections are caused due to the bacteria named staphylococcal aurous. They occur due to nose picking or blowing one’s nose excessively. These habits lead to the formation of crust and subsequent bleeding when the crust slough’s off. If the infections are severe then they can cause furuncles or boils in the nasal passage. Boils can create further complications by developing cellulitis or a spreading infection beneath the skin at the tip of the nose.

These problems can be dealt in the following manner:

  1. If Bactroban ointment is applied over such infections then one can nip the problem in its bud and prevent them from becoming severe and causing boils.
  2. A doctor will usually prescribe oral antibiotics to control the bacterial infection.
  3. If a boil does not respond to antibiotics then it becomes imperative for a doctor to lance the boil.
  4. Hot and wet compressions are also effective in dealing with such infections. A person can soak a washcloth into hot water and then apply it over the nose after wringing it out. This procedure should be done till about 15-20 minutes, thrice daily.
  5. Such boils should never be squeezed.
  6. The boils can be swiped with a q-tip that has been dipped in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.
  7. Avoid using nose hair clippers at least for the time being lest they introduce more bacteria into the nasal passage.

Since several cases of death have been reported due to boils in the nasal passage it goes without saying that such boils should be treated with extreme caution.

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