Can Tomatoes be Used to Cure Boil

Boil is a swelling on the skin caused due to bacterial infection. These swellings are red and painful and are filled with white and yellow fluid called pus. At times they disappear naturally. Certain types of boils need medical help in order to get cured. There are some types of boils which are cured at home.

There are various ways of curing a boil. The most effective and popular is by giving warm compress. Whenever a person has a boil the first thing one does is gives warm compress. A clean and soft cloth is dipped in water in which salt is mixed and applied on the affected area. It helps in the formation of head and allows the pus to drain out.

Tomatoes were widely used in olden days for treating boil. It is even used now to treat boil by some people. The acid present in the boil gives relief from pain; it speeds up the formation of head and thus helps in discharging of pus. Tomato paste should be applied over the boil and covered with a bandage. It should be kept for half an hour and then washed off by lukewarm water.

A paste of tomato applied on the face for half an hour and then washed off is very effective in treating acne. The citrus juice present in tomato is very effective. At times a slice of tomato can be placed on the boil and removed after sometime.

Besides tomato there are other home remedies which we can use to get rid of boils. Few home remedies are mentioned in this article remember these remedies are very effective and safe to use.

Garlic is very powerful herb. It is used to cure boil because it is antibacterial in nature. It can be applied in the form of paste or taken raw. It can also be taken in capsule form. It also throws toxins out of the body.

Tea tree oil is also antibacterial and anti fungal in nature. Tea bags can be placed on boils after dipping them in warm water. They help in the boil to ripen.

Cumin seed paste is made by mixing it with water. This paste should be applied on boil. It kills bacteria and increases healing process. Bitter gourd also helps in drying up of boil. If its juice is extracted and applied on the boil it kills the germs.

Anti bacterial soap should be applied to clean the affected area. Therefore, tomatoes because of their therapeutic property along with other home remedies are very effective in curing boils.

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