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Potato Poultice – An Old Time Medical Treatment

A poultice is a natural and safe method of getting rid of boils. It is a favorite home-remedy that has been used extensively since ages. Poultices are usually warm, herbal compresses that help in curing the bacterial infections. They have a powerful healing effect on the boils. They employ the herbs that have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Besides this the poultices are usually applied warm. The warmth helps to speed up the infection by bringing in more blood towards the boil. As more white blood corpuscles enter the infected area the boil gets healed soon as they ingest the bacteria.

The food that we eat is not only nutritious but therapeutic as well. Potatoes also have certain curative properties which help the body to heal the boils quickly. The potatoes have the following properties that make them suitable for curing boils:

  • The alkaline nature of the potato juice produces an antiseptic effect on the boils.
  • The acidic properties of the potato pulp helps in accelerating the sloughing or removal of the dead skin cells.
  • The decongesting, soothing and anti-irritating properties of potatoes help to cure a wide array of skin problems.

The potato poultice produces a smoothening effect on the skin that faces irritation and inflammation due to furuncles or carbuncles. A potato poultice can be prepared in the following ways:

  • Raw potato is grated and then mixed with boiling water. This poultice is applied over the boils after some time when the heat becomes tolerable. This method should be repeated as soon as the poultice cools down. After a few applications the boil gets ready to suppurate or ooze out the infectious pus.
  • Two unpeeled potatoes should be chopped into small cubes. These potato cubes should be boiled and later on mashed with a spoon. This poultice should be spread out on a cheese cloth. It should be covered with another cheese cloth. When the poultice cools down a bit it should be placed on the affected part.

Owing to the healing properties of potatoes these poultices prove to be helpful in healing the boil soon.

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