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Boils Sores- Get Rid of them Conveniently

A sore refers to an infected and inflamed patch of skin which brings about pain. It is an open skin infection which is quite sensitive. Boils sores are red and tender bumps on the skin which are filled with pus. They may be mild ones like a furuncle or else they tend to form a cluster of inter-linked furuncles, as in a carbuncle.

They cause a lot of discomfort if they occur in places which make movement difficult. This happens in the case of pilonidal cysts which occur along the buttock crease. Boils sores can occur on the face, neck, groin, underarms, shoulders etc. It is found that they tend to occur more in such areas where there is a lot of friction or sweat.

The bacteria which are mostly responsible for the occurrence of boils are the staph bacteria. This type of bacteria can be present on the human skin in places such as the rectum, genitals, nose chamber etc. They form a bacterial colony which cannot harm human beings. However, the infection starts in the human skin when the bacteria manage to find a way into the skin via a cut, scrape etc.

Tight clothes tend to produce friction on the skin due to which the hair follicles swell up. The bacteria which get trapped within the blocked follicle start an infection. Sometimes an ingrown hair also causes boils. When the hair does not get enough space to grow out due to tight clothing, it tends to turn around and grows back into the follicle. This also blocks the follicle and starts an infection.

Chronic illness and HIV positive cases can also make the body more susceptible to boils.

The symptoms of mild boils which usually dry up themselves include a red patch which is itchy. This happens when the infection starts within the skin. It takes some time for the infection to develop fully and this is evident when a tiny nodule appears on the skin. The nodule begins to grow and within the matter of some time it becomes white. The white color marks the presence of pus which is formed by the white blood cells, bacteria and the dead skin tissues.

In case of severe boils which can be the outcome of an underlying problem such as septicemia, the symptoms have some difference. Since the boils infection gets severe when it has spread somehow to the blood stream or other internal organs, it creates some distinct symptoms which call for an immediate medical examination.

The symptoms are:

  • Red streaks all around the boil
  • Malaise and chills.
  • Recurrence of boils can be due to an MRSA.
  • Swelling of the nearby lymph glands.
  • Boils which do not respond to any treatment fore more than a week.

In case of such symptoms a bacterial culture, urine tests etc can be done to find out the underlying cause of the boils. This is very crucial in elimination of the problem of boils from its roots.

Since both the sores and boils result in infection of the skin, their treatment is similar.

The mild boils can be treated at home with various herbal poultices which help in bringing the boil to a head.

The boils can also be treated with a hot and cold compression for quick ripening.

In case of a large boil, the removal of the pus from the boil should be done under expert medical supervision. To prevent the boils from spreading any further, they should not be touched with bare hands as the bacteria tend to cling to the hand and spread to other parts of the skin or to other people, thereby aggravating the problem. Antibiotics are also registered to control the infection from spreading.

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