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A blood boil is a localized skin infection which is triggered by bacteria. Sometimes a minor cut, scratch etc make an opening in the skin making it susceptible to bacterial invasion. If a proper skin cleansing regimen is not followed, bacteria may get a chance of entering the skin and infecting it.

Boils vary in their sizes, cause of occurrence and location on the body. They may be either a mild infection which goes away by itself or else they may be severe in nature, with deep seated infections and other complications. Gradually, they develop and mature, thereby forming pus, a head and lastly getting drained.

They have a tendency to develop in hairy regions such as the armpits, forehead, neck etc. This is primarily because the oil glands and the sweat glands being quite active in the hairy regions, release a lot of sebum which when mixed with sweat, clogs the skin pores and causes boils. Hence, it is advisable to keep the armpits clean especially after exercises and gym sessions.

For detection of blood boils and a timely blood boils treatment, one needs to be vigilant about the following symptoms:

• Although this symptom goes unnoticed in most cases, but there is an itchy feeling in the infected area along with an irritation in the skin, when touched.

• The infected area becomes red and tender with a slight swelling.

• When the tussle continues between the bacteria and the body’s defense system, the resultant dead skin tissues create a gap in the skin which gets filled up by the pus. As the bacteria spread the infection speedily, the gap becomes larger and so does the size of the boil. In certain cases, there have been complains of boils equal to the size of a golf ball.

• The presence of red blood cells along with pus forms a red lump.

• Pus forms in the center of the boil which consists of the dead skin tissues, white blood cells and the bacteria. The white blood cells which impart a white tinge to the boils are a part of the defense mechanism of the body and are sent to the boil region to kill the bacteria.

• As the boil matures, it erupts like a tiny volcano on the skin. The pus and the blood filled in the boil trickles out intermittently. Both these discharges can lead to complications. Hence, they should be cleaned carefully as soon as they ooze out of the boil.

Quite a few boils get healed naturally without any treatment. However some recurrent boils become a cause of worry. The conditions which require immediate steps are as follows:

• Some boils occur in sensitive regions. Boils on the lips, near the nose and eyes call for an immediate medical check up. Biting of the lips which have a boil nearby may allow the infection to enter the blood stream, causing a serious trouble. Carbuncles can leave scars and some other boils, if untreated, can permanently damage the skin by forming pits on it. Hence, one needs to be cautious in dealing with complicated boils.

• If boils keep reappearing in kids or aged people, it can trouble them.

• If a large boils persists for more than a week, in spite of all curative steps, one should seek a doctor’s help immediately.

• When boils appear in clusters, medically referred to as carbuncles, they will not subside until suitable antibiotics are given by a doctor.

• If the boils have a thick red line across them, they need medical supervision.

• If the boils become so tender that even a slight movement of the body leads to pain.

• If there is a swelling in the lymph nodes.

Besides the medical treatment of lancing and antibiotics, a home based blood boils treatment is also quite effective in relieving the pain

1. Having a cup of bitter gourd juice with some lemon juice on an empty stomach not only clears the skin of the blood boils, but if taken continuously for several months prevents in their recurrence.

2. A spoonful of turmeric stirred in a glass of warm water works wonders for the skin. Turmeric has therapeutic properties and is widely used for skin treatments. It is anti- inflammatory as well as a blood purifier.

3. A mixture containing cod liver oil, lemon and orange juice along with some honey when consumed thrice a day helps in getting rid of the fatigue caused by the excruciating pain of the boils.

Homeopathy too offers a good blood boils treatment. Ingredients such as sulphur used in homeopathic medicines help in minimizing the pain caused by the boils and their total eradication.

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