How to Get Rid of Stapf Infection & Boils on Face

Staph infection on face causes red and painful swelling on face and results in emerging boil on the face. The bacteria responsible for these infections are Staphylococcus Aureus or Staph which is found almost everywhere including face. The boils on the face are a nightmare for almost everybody as they leave scar on the face which affects personal appearance of the individual. They can be cured easily at home but sometimes one needs to see a doctor. People of all age group are affected by the boil.

The boil should not be pressed or squeezed. It should be allowed to drain naturally. The best way to cure boil is by following few simple steps:

• Warm compresses are very effective and safest way to cure boil.
• To give warm compress Epsom salt is added to lukewarm water and clean cloth dipped in the water is applied on the affected area. This if done several times a day helps to form a head in the boil through which pus drains out.
• Since it is caused due to bacterial infection therefore proper care should be taken else it can spread quickly and other family members can also be affected. After the pus drains out the wound should be covered with a bandage and an antiseptic cream should also be applied to it.
• If the boil on the face is a large one the individual should take medical help in order to drain it. The doctor examines the boil. First he tries to make a mouth through which the pus would be squeezed out. He makes the area numb by giving local anesthesia so that the person does not experience pain. He uses sterilized instruments to make a cut on the boil and allow the pus to drain out. The draining of the pus is highly infectious and special care should be taken. The affected area and the nearby area should be cleaned by an antiseptic lotion. After cleaning it should be covered with a bandage. The doctor supervises the boil from time to time and changes the bandage.

Apart from these one should follow proper healthy habits. One should wash face with medicated soap at regular intervals and apply antiseptic lotion on the affected area. One should take proper care of the clothes and bed sheets of the person suffering from the infection. Such things should be washed in hot water and nobody else should use it. One should avoid going near children till one is fully cured.

Proper cleaning and cleansing of face on regular basis will help you get rid of face staph infection and will avoid its recurrence.

Along with this one should follow proper lifestyle and healthy diet which helps a person to stay away from such infections.

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