Calendula Cream – Best Treatment for Boils

Boils are painful swellings on the skin because of bacterial infection. Our skin is exposed to dirt, rashes, cuts and wounds. The Staph bacterium which is present on the skin makes its way into the skin causing infection.

Antibiotics are one way of treating boils. Applying creams is also an effective method of curing boil. If the cream is applied on the boil at an early stage then the boil will be cured.

Scientists have studied the factors which lead to the infection and the bacteria which cause them. They have come up with some natural substances which help in treating the boil. These substances are used in making boil ointments.

Calendula Officinalis is found in marigold. It is used in the cream because of its antiseptic property.
Echinacea Angustifolia occurs in cone flower. It is also antiseptic in nature and controls the spread of infection.

Sulphur is widely used in treating skin related problems because it reduces burning sensation and dryness. Apart from these ointments one can use some simple methods in order to cure boils.

Cumin seed can be grinded into paste by mixing it with little hot water and the paste can be applied on the affected area.

Onion and Garlic are grinded together to form paste. This paste is very effective in treating boil. It also helps in drying of boil.

Milk cream can be used for treating boil. For better results slice of bread soaked in milk can be put on the affected area and covered with a bandage.

Turmeric is a spice frequently used in Indian kitchen. It is also a power herb because it is antiseptic in nature. A paste made by mixing it with hot water is applied on the affected area. It acts as a blood cleanser and as an anti inflammatory agent.

Black drawing slave or black ointment is also used in treating boils. It is made of herbs, roots and oils. It has a soothing effect therefore it is helpful in curing boils.

One should undertake certain precautionary measures before treating boils by applying ointment on them:

• Children below 12 years of age should be given ointment only under medical supervision.
• Ointment should be avoided during pregnancy.
• Diabetic patients should avoid ointment usage.

Staphylococcus Aurous is the bacteria usually found in nasal passage and on the skin of people. They are harmless when they are on the skin but once they enter inside the body through cuts and wounds they cause infection and grow rapidly.

When the nose becomes infected by the bacteria painful cuts and wounds are seen on the nose. These are painful and cause itchiness. Apart from the cut and wound one can also see boil. The infected area becomes red and swells up. These swellings are filled with white and yellow fluid called pus.

Once the boil grows and the head is formed the pus drains out and the boil vanishes after some days. There are two types of boils:
Furuncles: These are milder forms of boil. They appear and disappear naturally or at times by giving home treatment.
Carbuncles: These are complicated boils and they need some time to heal. They can take medical help also.

Impetigo is another infection caused by staph. In this infection scabs made up of dry serum are seen in and around the nose. Unclear or stuffed nose provides perfect condition for the growth of bacteria. A person should take proper precautions in case of cuts and wounds. If not handled properly the bacteria can enter the skin and cause infection.

Nose picking and scratching the skin should be avoided during infection. Cleanliness is the best way of treating the infection.

Boil inside the nose is highly contagious and painful also. It can spread from one person to another and even to other parts of bodies. It can spread by using the handkerchief, towel and tissue used by a person suffering from the infection. Therefore one should not use the things used by the infected person.

The swelling inside the nose can at times block the air passage and cause difficulty in breathing. Hot and cold compresses are very effective. At first clean and soft clot dipped in warm saline water is placed on the affected area and left there for sometime. After that it is dipped in cold water and kept there for sometime. It gives relaxation from the pain. People apply Vaseline in case of cuts and wounds. The boils inside the nose are generally treated by antibiotics.

Medicinal honey is also advised by the doctors because of its antibacterial property. Garlic is also effective. It detoxifies the body and it is also known for its antibacterial property. It can be taken in raw form or in form of capsules.

Bacitracin, Mupirocin are some of the ointments which can be used in case of boil inside the nose. These ointments can be purchased without any prescription. These can be applied inside the nose at night for some days or may be one month depending on the infection. At times the doctor can get the bacterial culture done which helps in curing the infection in a proper way. Medical, home remedies along with cleanliness help in the healing of a boil inside the nose.

Can Tomatoes be Used to Cure Boil

Boil is a swelling on the skin caused due to bacterial infection. These swellings are red and painful and are filled with white and yellow fluid called pus. At times they disappear naturally. Certain types of boils need medical help in order to get cured. There are some types of boils which are cured at home.

There are various ways of curing a boil. The most effective and popular is by giving warm compress. Whenever a person has a boil the first thing one does is gives warm compress. A clean and soft cloth is dipped in water in which salt is mixed and applied on the affected area. It helps in the formation of head and allows the pus to drain out.

Tomatoes were widely used in olden days for treating boil. It is even used now to treat boil by some people. The acid present in the boil gives relief from pain; it speeds up the formation of head and thus helps in discharging of pus. Tomato paste should be applied over the boil and covered with a bandage. It should be kept for half an hour and then washed off by lukewarm water.

A paste of tomato applied on the face for half an hour and then washed off is very effective in treating acne. The citrus juice present in tomato is very effective. At times a slice of tomato can be placed on the boil and removed after sometime.

Besides tomato there are other home remedies which we can use to get rid of boils. Few home remedies are mentioned in this article remember these remedies are very effective and safe to use.

Garlic is very powerful herb. It is used to cure boil because it is antibacterial in nature. It can be applied in the form of paste or taken raw. It can also be taken in capsule form. It also throws toxins out of the body.

Tea tree oil is also antibacterial and anti fungal in nature. Tea bags can be placed on boils after dipping them in warm water. They help in the boil to ripen.

Cumin seed paste is made by mixing it with water. This paste should be applied on boil. It kills bacteria and increases healing process. Bitter gourd also helps in drying up of boil. If its juice is extracted and applied on the boil it kills the germs.

Anti bacterial soap should be applied to clean the affected area. Therefore, tomatoes because of their therapeutic property along with other home remedies are very effective in curing boils.

Boils are formed by bacterial infection on the skin. Staph is the bacteria responsible for the boil. These bacteria are present on the skin and under the nose but are harmless. They become harmful when they enter the body through cut or wound.

The boil is red in color and the affected part is swollen and filled with pus. The pus that is formed inside the boil contains the infection. It is necessary for the pus to drain out to cure the boil.

There are many ways in which the pus drains out. At times the boil forms a head by itself and the pus drains out. Sometimes by following few home remedies the boils forms a head which helps in draining of pus.

These home remedies make the healing process faster. Warm compresses are very effective way of treating a boil. A soft clean cloth is dipped in warm water in which Epsom salt is mixed. This cloth is applied on the affected area. This helps in the formation of head and draining of pus thus curing the boil. The pus that drains out is highly infectious so it should be cleaned by antibiotic lotion and a cream should be applied and the affected area should be covered by a bandage.

Apart from this some herbs or spices can be applied on it in form of lotion or paste. Garlic and onion are very effective because of their antibiotic property. They are antibacterial and antifungal. They not only cure but they stop the infection from occurring again. Aloe vera can also be applied as it is also antibacterial. It has a relaxing effect when applied. Tea tree oil and castor oil are also effective when applied on the affected area.

When the boil does not respond to these treatments and continues to grow then one must see a doctor. The doctor can prescribe some medicines and surgically drain the boil. For the surgery local anesthesia is applied on the affected area. Then a cut is made on the swelling. This swelling acts as an opening through which pus drains out. After this the doctor cleans the affected area with an anti bacterial cleanser.

Then an antibiotic ointment is applied on it and it covered with a bandage. Doctor can prescribe some medicines also which should be taken regularly because they speed up the healing process. Doctor calls the patient again and again to change the bandage till the boil is fully cured.

There are boils that are absorbed by the skin. At times we see small boils on faces which disappear after some time without any treatment and at times by just giving warm compresses while some others disappear by applying ointments on them. So we can say that a boil can heal without draining.

How to Treat Boils Using Garlic and Onion

Garlic is a medicinal herb which is known for curing diseases. It is natural, safe and has no side effects. It is very effective in treating bacterial infection because it acts as a very good antibiotic.

Garlic has been used for treating bacterial infection for long time. The medical science has also highlighted the effectiveness of garlic in treating the bacterial and fungal infection. The body never shows resistance towards garlic which makes it very effective. The occurring of boils again and again is caused by weak immune system and garlic builds up the immune system of the body.

Allicin is a component present in garlic which is antibiotic and it prevents the growth of bacteria. It can be taken raw and also in form of capsules and pills. It is a natural way to free a person from the hazards of boil.

Garlic not only strengthens the immune system and prepares the body to fight against bacterial infection it also destroys the infection and stops it from occurring again. Garlic juice can also be applied on the boil by crushing the garlic. If garlic juice is mixed with onion juice it works wonders in treating boils. They help the boil to form head and make the discharge of pus easy because both garlic and onion are antiseptic in nature. This property makes the healing process fast.

One should follow these steps for the best results:

• Garlic juice should be taken by crushing the garlic in a juicer. This juice should be mixed with onion juice to speed up the healing process.
• The juice should be applied over the boil and it should be covered with a bandage till the boil becomes soft.
• The bandage should be removed once the head is formed.
• Garlic juice should again be put on the boil to remove any infection. After sometime water should be poured to wash the juice and it should be covered by bandage again.
• The bandage should be changed frequently. One should apply garlic and onion juice or an ointment to stop the growth of infection.
• Usually the boils heal and wither away but if it does not then one needs to see a doctor.

There are many ways of treating boils but nature has always been the safest way of curing anything and natural way the best way because it is free from side effects. Therefore one should try the natural way of treating infection as they not only cure but also stop them from occurring again.

A Pilonidal Cyst is a boil found at the end of the vertebral column of a person. These cysts have pus in them and like any other boil it needs to be drained. The bottom of the tailbone or coccyx when infected is filled with pus. It appears like a large pimple. Its technical name is Pilonidal Abscess. It is more common in men than women.

It is generally seen in young men in the age group of 15 – 24 years of age.

One can understand that one is suffering from pilonidal cyst when these symptoms occur:

• Pain at the bottom of spine
• Swelling at the bottom of spine
• Redness and tenderness on the affected area
• Fever along with any of the above symptoms

Although pilonidal cyst is harmless it may become painful. There are few home remedies which if practiced can heal the pilonidal cyst.
Hot compress is very effective in pilonidal cyst. Warm water mixed with Epsom salt is applied on the cyst with a clean cloth. It relaxes from the pain and brings a head in the cyst which helps it to drain easily. One needs to keep the area clean all the time. One should avoid wearing tight clothes and try not to sit for long hours.

Garlic treatment is very effective in curing pilonidal cyst. It is effective because it acts as an antiseptic agent without causing any side effects. Garlic paste should be applied on the affected area. It should be covered with gauze and left for 10 minutes. Regular application can help in healing of the cyst. One should also include garlic in ones diet.
Aloe Vera is also very useful in treating pilonidal cyst because of its healing qualities.

Aloe Vera should be applied several times a day on the cyst. It helps in removing cyst from the skin. Aloe Vera is normally used to treat boils, wounds, cuts, burns and other skin infections.

Turmeric is an Indian spice and it is also very effective in curing skin problem because it is a natural antibiotic. We can make turmeric paste and apply it on the cyst and cover it with gauze. If applied regularly the cyst will remove within few days. One can also take turmeric capsules. It not only cures but also stops it from reoccurring.

Tea tree oil has also been effective in skin related problems. If one applies it daily on the boil it can be cured.

Castor oil is also found to be very effective. It can be applied on the boil with the help of cotton ball.

Apart from all these above mentioned remedies one needs to clean the cyst with antibacterial soap. A good diet with lots of water is good in pilonidal cyst.

If symptoms still persists then one needs to see a doctor. The doctor can remove it through surgery.

Boils are red swellings on the skin which are filled with white or yellow fluid called pus. They are painful and every individual must have experienced it at least once in a lifetime. They are seen in people of all age group.

There are basically two categories in which the causes of boils are divided. One is the bacterial infection caused by Staph which enters the skin through cuts or hair follicle. The other is that they are caused due to internal problems because of improper bowel movements or blood impurities. The body generally releases toxins through bowels or kidneys but if it does not happen through them then it is eliminated through skin or lungs. To treat a skin condition it is necessary to treat whole body system. One therefore needs to know about following:

• Diet and exercise
• Bowel movement
• Stress level

Bowel movement is important because if it does not happen properly then the toxins does not release from the body rather they circulate inside the body. It also means that the body does not absorb nutrients from the food.

Diet and exercise is necessary to keep a person healthy.

Stress plays a major role in our health. Small amount of stress helps us to perform better but if extended for longer periods our body starts to wear out. All our organs are affected by this stress. If our body is healthy then the bacterial infection can be quickly resolved by the immune system. But bodies that are tired, worn out and cannot function properly because of toxins develop a boil easily.

Hot compresses given several times a day are effective. They help in draining out of pus. After the pus is drained out the affected area is cleaned by antiseptic lotion and an antiseptic cream is applied on it which fastens the healing process.

Stress is treated by calming and relaxing method. Essential oils like Lavender, Sandalwood, and Palma Rosa are used. The usage of the oils depends upon the individual’s liking. These oils can be used in the shower gel or bathing water. They can be put on a tissue and placed near the skin. They can be mixed with the base oil for a relaxing massage. The person can also see a counselor. One can also do yoga and meditation to relax.

Stress can be a cause as it can ultimately lead to weak immune system but if handled properly and a proper life style one can remove this cause.

Boils are skin infections caused by bacteria named Staphylococcus Aurous. They occur in people of all ages. The babies are more open to the infection.

The antibiotics that successfully controlled the Staph infection are not very effective now. At times the doctors prescribe hard medication and at times the patients do not complete the course of the medicine prescribed by the doctor. These have led to the development of less antibiotic resistance in the body. Such condition is favorable for the growth of Staph bacteria.

These days’ hospitals have become a proper place for the growth of Staph bacteria. Around 90% of newly born babies have found to be infected by the Staph bacteria in their nose. They continue this infection for a year or so. This infection is due to body’s lesser resistance for Penicillin. When the use of Penicillin was restricted to hospital only 18% of the kids below 5 years of age were infected by the bacteria in their nose and throats. After the use of Penicillin became common there was an alarming rise in the percentage of kids being infected by the bacteria. Newly born infants spread the infection among their other family members.

Diaper rashes are also responsible for the growth of infection. Rashes if become infected can cause boils in babies. One can easily make out the difference between a rash and a boil. If the infected area grows big and is filled with white and yellow fluid called pus then it is a boil.

Older children develop boil from an infected hair or a cut. If there is a boil on the skin then the parents must seek medical help. They should follow the advice of the doctor to cure the infection so that the infection not only is cured but it does not re occur.

What are Axillary Boils and How Can You Cure Them?

Axillary boils are boils formed in the axillary cavity because of bacterial infection. Armpit boil is also called axillary boil. They are formed because of the infection of the hair follicles and perspiration of the sweat glands. This generally happens because of staph bacteria. The staph bacteria are present on the skin but when they enter the skin through cuts and wounds they become painful and infectious. The hair is exposed to friction due to physical movement. The armpit region has highly developed sweat glands. Due to excess sweating the part connecting the gland and the hair follicle gets blocked with the left over formed due to drying up of sweat.

It is highly contagious. It can spread from one person to another and also to different parts of the body. If the infection is severe then one needs to take antibiotics. The boils are very painful and at times can lead to fever. It can affect daily activities.

Warm compresses are very effective in boils. They help in the formation of head which results in draining of pus. A warm compress is given by dipping a clean cloth in warm saline water. The cloth is put on the affected area. It not only helps in formation of head but also gives relief from itchiness.

Garlic is a very effective way of treating the boil. It is a power herb. It is a strong antibiotic. It releases toxins from the body which cleans the body of infections. It can be applied by crushing it and forming a paste of it and applying on the affected area. After applying the paste the area should be covered with a bandage. It can also be taken in raw form. Garlic capsules are also available in the market.

Tea tree oil is also very effective in boils. It is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature.

Aloe Vera is also very effective in treating boils. It has a soothing effect on the boil.

Turmeric is a very common Indian spice. It is normally seen in every kitchen. Turmeric is mixed with water to form a paste. This paste is applied on the boil. It is antiseptic.

If the boils do not respond to these remedies then one should seek medical advice. One should use the ointments prescribed by the doctor. The ointment can be applied several times on the affected area.

Apart from the ointment the doctor can even give oral antibiotics. These antibiotics along with home remedies speed up the healing process.

Sometimes the boils are severe in nature and occur again and again. In such a case the only way to get rid of the infection is surgery.

Apart from all these methods the individual should follow cleanliness. They should keep their towels, bed sheets clean and should not share with others. They should clean the area with anti bacterial soap.

If taken proper care the boil can be treated properly and can be stopped from occurring again.

Skin abscess or boils are caused due to bacterial infections. The antibiotic drugs are specially formulated to curb the bacterial infections. However, their use has certain limitations. Besides causing side-effects and triggering yeast infections they also lead to drug-resistant strains. Hence, we find that the natural treatment for skin abscess is considered to be more effective and safe.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural and powerful antibiotic. It is made by crushing the apples and squeezing out their juice.

Apple cider vinegar is also known as cider vinegar. The apple cider that is used to cure skin abscess is a rich-brown colored murky liquid which contains web-like bacterial foam. This foam is called the mother. The other plain vinegar which is also available loses all its benefits due to over-heating and filtration. Hence, it is only the natural apple cider vinegar along with the mother and a pH balance of 5-7 that should be used.

The cider vinegar can be used both topically as well as orally. It is a wonderful health tonic. It contains beta-carotene and vitamins C and E which are beneficial for the skin. The recommended dose is as follows:

• 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar should be mixed in 16 ounces of water. This concoction should be sipped throughout the day for best results.
• Apple cider vinegar steaming can prove to be beneficial in curing skin abscess also. For this one needs to heat 3 tablespoons of the vinegar with 1 quart of water. When the mixture starts steaming one can expose the facial skin to it by using a towel to trap the steam. After the gentle steaming is over one should pat a diluted cider vinegar solution to one’s face with a cotton ball. Lastly, chilled and diluted cider vinegar should be patted on the skin to close the open pores. The steaming method removes all traces of dirt from the skin which can block the pores and cause skin abscess.

Since the cider vinegar is quite strong it should be applied over the skin by diluting it with water in the ratio of 1:4. For severe skin abscess the ratio can be altered to 1:3.