Neck Boils- A Detailed Analysis and Cure of Disfiguring of the Neck Due to Boils

Boils are localized skin infections usually brought about by the staph bacteria. They can occur on any part of the skin but tend to affect certain areas like the face, neck, shoulders and armpits. They are found to affect those areas more which are exposed to a lot of friction and are hairy. The human skin is quite delicate and if it gets constantly rubbed or bruised, it tends to give way to the micro-organisms like the bacteria. These germs get a breeding ground within the human body thereby leading to an infection.

Neck boils mostly occur on the neck just below the hairline. These boils are quite sensitive to touch and tender. These boils are caused by the bacterial known as the Staphylococcus aurous.

This bacterium is mostly responsible for occurrence of boils on the skin. It gets a chance to enter the skin via cuts or in the form of dust.

It can also be present on the skin of a person from where it slips into the hair follicle through some wound or cut.

In some individuals these germs are present due to heredity. So even if the people are healthy otherwise, they are prone to recurrent boils syndrome due to the colonies of these bacteria found on their skin or in their nasal passages as in the case of diabetics, HIV positive patients etc.

In such cases it becomes imperative to go for a bacterial culture which helps in determining the kind of bacteria which may be causing the boils.

If recurrent boils problem affects all the members in the family then a bacterial culture is essential for all the members to find out the actual carrier. These germs tend to spread not just within a persons body but also amongst different family members. Hence it is advised to use separate towels, napkins and other personal items.

Based on the bacterial test the doctor decides which antibiotics would be useful in killing the germs. In certain cases the bacteria are found to be MRSA. Such bacteria have developed resistance towards certain antibiotics. Hence the treatment for them has to be altered and some other powerful antibiotics are prescribed.

Boils in the neck regions can be brought about by:

  • Constant irritation of the neck skin by collars.
  • Oil ducts getting choked up with dirt or sebum.
  • Internal reasons like impurities in the bloodstream.

The neck boils are found to be cystic acne in most cases and need to be dealt with urgently.

Their symptoms include the appearance of a red patch of skin followed by a nodule which increases in size and lastly develops white pus. In its final stage the boil develops a head or a pustule through which the accumulated pus gets discharged.

Neck boils should not be meddled with as they may end up scarring the skin or leaving pits on the skin’s surface.

Although our body is equipped to deal with such infections yet medical supervision becomes necessary in some cases. This is mainly because boils are contagious by nature and can also be a sign of some internal problem which the doctor needs to find out.

Ways to control the menace of boils include:

  • Maintenance of hygiene by using anti-bacterial creams and soaps.
  • One should stick to a well-balanced diet instead of having junk food and loads of sugar, saturated fats, processed food or food with added colors and flavors. This is mainly because such foods contain chemicals. Moreover, healthy food provides nourishment to the body which helps in building up a strong immune system which is essential to fight off the infections.
  • A healthy lifestyle is also needed. Smoking and drinking should be abstained from.
  • Sunbath is also beneficial in eradicating boils but it should be taken within a limit to avoid sun burns.

In case of neck boils the lymph glands should be examined carefully. If they are found to be swollen and tender this implies that the bacterial infection has spread to the lymph glands. The doctor should be consulted immediately. Some of the other signs which indicate some internal disorder and which require medical interventions are recurrent boil, fever and lethargy along with the boils and red streaks spreading all around the boil.

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