What are the Long Term Gum Boil Complications?

The gum boils are caused by the bacteria just like the boils that occur on the skin. They indicate a deep-seated infection in the roots of the tooth. The may occur due to the following reasons:

• Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.
• A dead tooth.
• A tooth with a severely affected root.
• Trauma that can occur due to a severe blow to the tooth or due to a fracture that occurs due to biting into some thing hard.

If the symptoms are not ignored and the treatment starts early then one can avoid the long-term gum boil complications.

The symptoms of gum boils that may help one in detecting the problem on time are as follows:

• Sensitivity of the tooth to hot and cold foods or drinks
• Intermittent tooth soreness.
• General malaise
• Drainage of pus in the mouth
• Swelling around the jaw or the tooth
• A toothache.
• The pain tends to increase when one lies down.
• Loss of appetite
• Sleeplessness.

A gum boil is formed when the central region of the tooth pulp gets decayed. A gum boil can be avoided by treating the cavities when they are tiny. If a boil develops then a treatment such as root canal can save the tooth.

Gum boils can be avoided by inculcating the following habits:

• Regular brushing of the teeth and dental flossing
• Periodic dental check-ups.
• Avoiding sugar and starchy foods in excess.

A dentist can diagnose the gum boil in the following ways:

• Examining the tooth thoroughly.
• Reviewing the symptoms.
• Examining the x-ray.

If there is a sensitivity to hot and cold foods then an early treatment can prevent a gum boil.

If these symptoms are not paid attention to then the following long-term gum boil complications may occur:

• Loss of the infected tooth
• The infection may spread to other parts of one’s jaw.
• It can also spread to other parts of the body.

Hence, one should try to be aware and vigilant about the symptoms of a gum boil as an infected tooth can last indefinitely with a timely root canal therapy.

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