The bacterial infection on the skin causes boil. Staph is the bacteria responsible for the boil. Staph is present on the surface of the skin and around the nose. These bacteria are harmless. They become harmful when they enter the body through cut or wound.

The boil is red in color and the affected part is swollen and filled with white and yellow fluid called pus. The pus that is formed inside the boil contains the infection. It is necessary for the pus to drain out to cure the boil. And for the draining of the pus the boil needs to form a head.

At times the boil forms a head by itself and the pus drains out. Sometimes by following few home remedies the boils forms a head which helps in the pus to drain out. These home remedies speed up the healing process. Warm compresses are very effective way of treating a boil. A soft clean cloth is dipped in warm saline water. This cloth is applied on the affected area. This helps in the formation of head and draining of pus thus curing the boil. The pus that drains out is highly infectious so it should be handled properly.

It should be cleaned by antibiotic lotion and a cream should be applied and the affected area and it should be covered by a bandage. Apart from this some herbs or spices can be used to make the healing process faster.

Garlic and onion are very effective because of their antibiotic property. They are antibacterial and antifungal. They cure the infection from the root thus stopping the boil from occurring again. Aloe vera can also be applied as it is also antibacterial. It has a soothing effect when applied. Tea tree oil and castor oil are also effective when applied on the affected area. Turmeric paste made by mixing turmeric in water also speeds up healing process. It is antiseptic in nature.

One should refer to a doctor if the boil does not respond to these treatments. The doctor can prescribe some medicines and surgically drain the boil. For the surgery local anesthesia is applied on the affected area. Then a cut is made on the swelling. This cut on the swelling acts as an opening through which pus drains out. After this the doctor cleans the affected area with an anti bacterial cleanser.

Then an antibiotic ointment is applied on it and it covered with a bandage. Doctor can prescribe some medicines also which should be taken regularly because they speed up the healing process. The patient should follow the advice of the doctor and do as directed. He should visit the doctor whenever doctor calls him to change the bandage. This is done till the time the boil is cured.

There are some other types of boils which are absorbed by the skin naturally. Some disappear after giving warm compresses and applying ointments on them. Therefore we can actually tell that a boil is healing when we see formation of head in the boil because this acts as an opening for the draining of pus.

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