When the staph bacteria invade the skin a boil usually develops due to the infection. When the infection begins the body develops a fibrous membrane around the boils to prevent the infection from spreading to the surrounding tissues. This wall that surrounds the abscess makes it difficult for the antibiotic drugs to penetrate into the site of infection.

Garlic is a significant medicinal herb that is readily available unlike some other types of herbs. It is a broad spectrum natural antibiotic. The human body does not tend to build up resistance against garlic like it does with some antibiotic drugs. So the benefits of garlic can be utilized without any restrain for a long time.

Garlic is beneficial for extracting pus from the boils because it improves the blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and destroys the bacteria.

On account of its therapeutic properties it is widely used in the cure of skin disorders such as acne, boils and allergies.

Garlic can be used to draw out the pus from the boils or abscess in the following ways:

  • 2 cloves of garlic should be crushed with 5-6 drops of sesame seed oil to form a paste which should be applied over the boil and covered with gauze. When the paste dries up fresh paste should be applied. If there is an irritation on the skin then the paste should be applied after a gap of 1-2 days.
  • 3 cloves of raw garlic can be eaten daily for a month to purify the blood and flush out the toxins.
  • Since the taste of raw garlic cannot be tolerated by some people so they can take a capsule of 450 mg daily instead for controlling the bacterial infection from within, till a few days.
  • Garlic juice can be mixed with water in the ratio of 1:3 to make an effective cleansing agent. This mixture can be applied over the boil with a cotton ball to draw out the pus.

Since garlic can cause skin blistering when it is used in excess so it should be applied in moderation for a safe recovery.

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