A boil or an abscess can develop in any part of the body. A gum boil or parulus is a drainage point for the gum abscess. It is a common dental problem that often results due to neglect of a dental abscess.

The gum boil should be drained as soon as possible otherwise there may be chances of the infection spreading to the neck or head area. This can lead to serious complications.

If one notices a gum boil then a visit to the dentist is imperative as a timely treatment may prevent tooth extraction. Moreover, the drainage of the gum boil can do away with the symptoms but the abscess cannot be treated completely unless the root cause is found and cured.

The dentist examines the gum thoroughly to find out the cause and an x-ray is usually taken. After the cause is detected the dentist drains out the pus by means of a root canal treatment. A dentist may make a minor incision on the gum to drain the boil or even to extract the tooth as a last resort.

Till one visits a dentist a few tips can be helpful in draining the gum boil and alleviating the pain, such as:

• A slight pressure should be applied on the cheeks near the gum boil to drain the accumulated pus.
• A mouthwash can help in increasing the blood flow towards the infected region, thereby accelerating the drainage. For this one should add 1/8th teaspoon of salt to 8 ounces of warm water and rinse the mouth several times daily.
• The boil can be drained by simply placing a black teabag against the gum boil overnight.
• A baking soda and salt poultice can be made by mixing both in the ratio of 1:1. A wet cotton ball should be dipped into his mixture and kept against the gum boil. This also helps in draining a gum boil quickly.
• One should also disinfect the area by gargling with natural antibiotics such as diluted tea tree oil or grapefruit seeds extract.

After visiting a dentist one should rinse the mouth frequently with warm water and avoid eating from the affected side to promote healing.

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