Staphylococcus Aurous is the bacteria usually found in nasal passage and on the skin of people. They are harmless when they are on the skin but once they enter inside the body through cuts and wounds they cause infection and grow rapidly.

When the nose becomes infected by the bacteria painful cuts and wounds are seen on the nose. These are painful and cause itchiness. Apart from the cut and wound one can also see boil. The infected area becomes red and swells up. These swellings are filled with white and yellow fluid called pus.

Once the boil grows and the head is formed the pus drains out and the boil vanishes after some days. There are two types of boils:
Furuncles: These are milder forms of boil. They appear and disappear naturally or at times by giving home treatment.
Carbuncles: These are complicated boils and they need some time to heal. They can take medical help also.

Impetigo is another infection caused by staph. In this infection scabs made up of dry serum are seen in and around the nose. Unclear or stuffed nose provides perfect condition for the growth of bacteria. A person should take proper precautions in case of cuts and wounds. If not handled properly the bacteria can enter the skin and cause infection.

Nose picking and scratching the skin should be avoided during infection. Cleanliness is the best way of treating the infection.

Boil inside the nose is highly contagious and painful also. It can spread from one person to another and even to other parts of bodies. It can spread by using the handkerchief, towel and tissue used by a person suffering from the infection. Therefore one should not use the things used by the infected person.

The swelling inside the nose can at times block the air passage and cause difficulty in breathing. Hot and cold compresses are very effective. At first clean and soft clot dipped in warm saline water is placed on the affected area and left there for sometime. After that it is dipped in cold water and kept there for sometime. It gives relaxation from the pain. People apply Vaseline in case of cuts and wounds. The boils inside the nose are generally treated by antibiotics.

Medicinal honey is also advised by the doctors because of its antibacterial property. Garlic is also effective. It detoxifies the body and it is also known for its antibacterial property. It can be taken in raw form or in form of capsules.

Bacitracin, Mupirocin are some of the ointments which can be used in case of boil inside the nose. These ointments can be purchased without any prescription. These can be applied inside the nose at night for some days or may be one month depending on the infection. At times the doctor can get the bacterial culture done which helps in curing the infection in a proper way. Medical, home remedies along with cleanliness help in the healing of a boil inside the nose.

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