Are you suffering From Pain? Learn How long Does it Takes to Heal a Boil

The boils are formed by bacterial infection called, Staph. They are red in color and the affected part is swollen and filled with pus. The pus that is formed inside the boils contains bacteria. It is only when the pus comes out the boil is cured. After a few days of the infection of bacteria rashes are seen which are red and itchy? It is painful also.

Soon after the affected swells up and is filled up with white or yellow fluid called pus. By following few home remedies like hot compress which is given several times a day draining of pus happens soon. A cloth dipped in warm water in which Epsom salt is dissolved is put on the affected area. It not only helps in head formation but also gives relaxation from pain. When the head is formed the pus comes out easily. But before this one should never press or squeeze the boil. One should be very careful and clean the area with antiseptic lotion and apply cream and cover it with a bandage. Slowly it heals up.

Therefore we conclude that draining of the pus is the most important part of healing and if the boil becomes too large and does not form head then one needs to see a doctor.

The doctor helps in the draining of the pus through minor surgery. The doctor applies local anesthesia on the affected part. He makes a cut on the boil through sterilized instruments and helps the pus to drain out.

After the pus drains out he covers the affected area with a bandage after cleaning it with antiseptic lotion and applying ointment on to it. The individual remains under his supervision and the doctor changes the bandage from time to time.

In some cases small boils are cured without head formation. They can be cured either by giving warm compresses or by applying creams. In this case the boil is absorbed by the body.

Many people say that the boils heal on their own but it is not true they need to be treated they do not heal on their own. It takes approximately 10 to 25 days for a boil to heal up and that too depends on the boil or the bacterial infection suffered by the skin.

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