Home Remedies for Boils -Easy and Effective Ways to Cure and Prevent Boils Naturally

Home remedies for boils are quite popular as they make the treatment of boils much easier. If followed properly, they can yield good results.

Mild boils can get cured naturally within some time because of our body’s own defense action. However in some cases, they become painful and may take time to heal. This is when the home remedies for boils come into play.

Some of the time-tested home remedies are as follows:

# Honey is a good anti-bacterial agent. It is used to cure boils heating it gently and applying it on the boils. It can also be mixed with oil. Figs are soaked in honey to prepare the boil ointment too. Wheat germ is also mixed with honey to help the boils in ripening.

# A piece of bread is soaked in boiling water. When it reaches tolerable warmth, it is placed over the boil to help it form a head.

# Linseed is boiled in water to form a paste. The paste is applied over the boils.

# Iodine when applied over the boil and its surrounding area helps in preventing the infection from spreading any further.

# Lemon is cut into two halves and is placed over the boil for quick recovery.

# Comfrey is mixed with garlic paste and honey and the boil is covered with it.

# Bran is mixed with hot water to form a paste. This poultice is placed over the boil. It helps in quick bursting of the boils.

# Bitter gourd juice is taken in the morning on an empty stomach for a prolonged period.

# Bitter gourd is an effective germicidal and reduces the inflammation.

# A poultice is made by mashing raw or boiled cabbage. This is placed on the boil and covered by a bandage.

# The carrot poultice also helps in the boil to form a pustule and get drained.

# Turmeric is quite popular for its antiseptic properties. It is used in certain facial creams also. A paste made by grinding turmeric with water is applied on the boil.

# Wild strawberries are made into a pulp and applied on the boil. Strawberry is a good anti-inflammatory agent.

# Parsley leaves are boiled and then made into paste. This paste when applied over the boils helps in rupturing them quickly.

# The dry roots of pokeroot reduce the inflammation caused by boils. A poultice is prepared to cover the boils.

# Cumin seeds are used to heal boils as well. Cumin seeds paste is made by mixing it with water. It soothes the boil and reduces the infection.

# Milk cream also serves the purpose of a poultice. It helps in the softening of the boil and it helps in the boil to suppurate.

# Equal amounts of garlic and onion paste are very good agents for ripening the boil faster.

The home remedies for boils which tend to recur are as follows:

# An anti-bacterial soap should be used to clean the hands. Touching the boil with dirty hands may make the infection widespread.

# Since bacteria infest within the nails, so one should get tempted to scratch the boil due to itchiness or squeeze them.

# The pillow covers, towels and bed sheets should be washed regularly in hot water in order to kill the bacteria.

# Colonies of bacteria are found in nasal chambers of people. Hence bactroban solution with mupirocin should be applied inside the nose and around it to control the spread of infection.

# The boils should be kept covered. In case of any pus discharge, antiseptic cotton and antibiotic creams should be used to handle the ruptured boil. This can prevent the further spread of the bacteria.

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