The Natural Garlic Treatment for Pilonidal Cysts

A pilonidal cyst also occurs due to a bacterial infection just like the other types of boils. However, it has the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • It occurs on the tailbone or coccyx near the cleft of the hips.
  • It usually contains hair and debris.
  • A pilonidal cyst may either be asymptomatic or else it may develop an infection.

The treatment of a sacrococcygeal pilonidal cyst, i.e. related to both the sacrum and the coccyx, is quite controversial. At present, the most prevalent technique of curing a pilonidal cyst is the excision of the cyst with an open or closed wound for curing. In some cases the technique of incision and curettage is used.

However, there are many people who try to avoid a surgery. Such people have the option of curing the pilonidal cyst through drainage of its pus. It has been observed that around 50-60% of people who have their pilonidal cyst drained do not require any medical procedure.

Although antibiotic drugs are specially meant to cure bacterial infections however, they are becoming ineffective due to the resistant strains of bacteria. Such bacteria are too stubborn to be cured by the antibiotic drugs. Moreover, antibiotics also tend to destroy the friendly bacteria in our body.

The natural garlic treatment for pilonidal cysts therefore makes sense as garlic is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic agent which does not cause any side-effects. Neither do the bacteria tend to become resistant towards garlic. Garlic has proven to be an effective antibiotic treatment for the staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria which have developed resistance to the standard antibiotic drugs.

In order to utilize the natural garlic treatment for pilonidal cysts one should use the following procedure:

  • Make a paste of garlic.
  • Apply it over the cyst and cover it with gauze.
  • It should be allowed to remain on the cyst for about 10 minutes.
  • Incorporate garlic into your diet as it can destroy the harmful bacteria within the body also.

Besides this, one should also keep the infected part clean and hair- free to avoid recurrence. If in spite of self-care the pilonidal cysts do not show any signs of healing, then one should consult a doctor.

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