Garlic treatment for boils Helps to Eradicate the Problem from its Roots

Garlic is a wonderful herb which is widely used in curing numerous diseases because of its healing properties. It is a natural, safe and effective way of treating boils too.

Medical research proves that garlic is a powerful antibiotic which kills bacteria, yeast and fungus.

The antibacterial properties of garlic juice were highlighted by Louis Pasteur. So great is the healing power of this wonder herb that it can be used to cure even the anti-biotic resistant strains.

Garlic treatment for boils is being used since ages. Modern science has also testified the effectiveness of garlic as antibiotic. Since the body does not build up resistance towards this herb, it continues to be effective in fighting off bacterial infections.

This is a well known fact that recurrent boils are caused by a weak immune system.

Garlic comes to the rescue of such people who face this problem because one of the powerful health benefits of garlic is that it enhances the immune system of the body.

A sulphur compound called allicin is an active component of this powerful herb. This compound is an antibiotic and a powerful agent which controls the bacterial reproduction. As a matter of fact, it is said that a milligram of allicin is as powerful as 15 standard units of penicillin. In raw garlic this compound is powerful enough to destroy 23 kinds of bacteria like staphylococcus and salmonella.

Garlic is an excellent herb which is widely used as a natural antibiotic. It is used in the form of capsules, pills and also in its raw form.

Garlic treatment for boils is one of the best natural ways of curing the menace of boils.

Garlic serves the dual purpose of being an antibiotic agent as well as an agent to boost the immune system. In both the ways it helps in destroying the bacterial infection from its roots and also prevents its recurrence. It boosts the production of an antiviral compound, interferon, which makes the white blood cells more effective. These white blood cells are an important component of the immune system which in turn fights with the bacteria which cause infection. So all this makes garlic a wonder herb which is easily available and effective.

Garlic is used as an alternative to medicinal treatment in various forms. If consumed it helps in detoxification of the body. Hence it is advisable to include garlic in ones diet.

It can also be crushed to extract the juice which can be applied over the boil. The other option is to place it directly on the boil. This may cause a little bit of pain but eventually the result will be good.

Garlic juice is also mixed with onion juice to cure boils. The combined juices help to ripen the boils and facilitate the discharge of pus. As both garlic and onions are good anti-septic agents, they bring about speedy recovery from the menace of boils.

The process which has to be followed step-by- step to get rid of boils is as follows:

  • One should ascertain whether the problem is of boils or skin abscess which is characterized by pus-filled pockets which have a cover of crusty skin.
  • The juice of garlic should be extracted with the help of a juicer.
  • Juice of onions can also be added to the garlic juice for accelerating the healing process.
  • The juice should be applied over the boil and the infected region should be covered loosely with a bandage until the boil gets soft.
  • The bandage can be removed when the boil forms a head.
  • Some garlic juice can be poured over the boil to disinfect it. After some time the juice should be washed away with water and the bandage should be covered once again.
  • The dressing of the boil should be changed frequently until the boil heals. Since one needs to be very careful when it comes to boils, an anti-bacterial cream or garlic juice should be applied after short intervals to control any further spread of the infection.
  • Most probably the boil will heal and wither away within a few days of the garlic boils treatment. However, if it does not respond to the above mentioned treatment, then one should have it medically examined as there may be some underlying reason why the boil cropped up.

Spreading of boils, red streaks around it, fever and chills are all symptoms of some serious underlying problem which should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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