Drawing Boils-Remove the Pus and Heal the Skin Infection

Boils are highly contagious skin infections that are generally caused by the bacteria named staphylococcus aurous.

They differ in there severity and locations on the human body. They can either be harmless ones which get cured without any treatment or else quite large and painful.

Once the staph bacteria sneak into the skin via a cut or abrasion, they start breeding beneath the skin. Their presence in the body triggers an infection. The affected part of the skin turns red and itchy.

This is followed by the appearance of a tiny nodule which gradually grows in size. After some time the body sends white blood cells to kill the bacteria. This results in the formation of pus inside the boil which has a white color. The pus also contains the dead skin tissues as well as the bacteria.

For the boil to get healed it is very crucial that the pus gets expelled from it. Pus gets formed in the boil only when the infection reaches its last stage and the boil is ready to suppurate or erupt.

Sometimes due to the ongoing infection and the struggle between the bacteria and the white blood cells, the boils take long to ripen or form pus. This is the juncture at which the drawing boils treatment becomes imperative to bring relief.

Some of the unique methods of drawing boils are as follows:

  • Hydrotherapy is an effective method and is done with the help of warm water and a cloth. The cloth is dipped into the water and wringed out. This is placed over the boil till it retains its heat. Once it gets cooled down, the same procedure has to be repeated. The heat imparted to the boil softens the tissues which surround the boil. This weakens them and increases the blood flow into the area. The blood carries along with it white blood cells which fight off the bacteria. Once the bacteria get defeated the boil gets ready to suppurate. This is the point at which the drawing boils is effective and ends the infection. The erupted boil soon gets dried up. Before the pus formation and development of a head or an opening, drawing boils is not effective as the infection is still on. Moreover squeezing an immature or hard boil is dangerous as it can lead to blood poisoning or spill the bacteria to some other spot.
  • Hot and cold compress is effective too in bringing the boil to a head or an opening. Once the cloth soaked in hot water cools down, it is replaced instantly with a cloth soaked in chilled water.
  • Vegetable poultice can be made by placing a warm slice of tomato or onion over the boil. The outer leaves of the cabbage can be used as an alternative too.
  • Bread compress is an age old and effective remedy. The slice of bread is soaked into hot milk and placed over the boil and tied. It should be replaced after it gets cooled down.
  • Tea bags which have been soaked in warm water can be used to heal the boils too.
  • Turmeric, vinegar and milk cream can be made into a paste and used as an ointment for the boil.
  • The betel leaf is warmed and some castor oil is applied over it. This is placed over the boil for quick removal of the pus.

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