Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor oil plant which is a small annual plant. Studies show that ricinoleic and oleic acid, the two constituents of castor oil, are far superior in controlling bacterial activity then the well-known antimicrobial agents, sorbic and 10-undecenoic.

Castor oil is widely used in the industry as well as in medicines. On account of its plethora of uses and healing properties it was known as the Palma Christi or the hand of the Christ in ancient Rome.

Poultices made from the castor leaf are commonly used to cure boils and swellings. A simple application of castor oil on the skin is helpful in curing disorders such as warts, skin lesions etc.

In order to cure guinea-worm sores the castor plant leaves are coated with some bland oil and heated. The hot leaves are then applied over the sores to extract the worms. So, we find that castor oil has the potential to draw out impurities.

For curing minor skin infections a few drops of castor oil are applied on the affected skin and covered with a band-aid or gauze. If the infection is large then a clean cloth is soaked in castor oil and applied. The castor oil should not be dripping from the cloth but just in a moderate amount. Castor oil has been successfully used to cure puncture wounds even in those cases where the patients have suffered from severe infections at the site of the wound.

Pilonidal cyst is a kind of a skin abscess that usually occurs along the tailbone or coccyx. The term pilonidal has its roots in the Latin words pilus which means hair and nidus which means nest. The pilonidal cysts contain hair and debris. There are several theories about the origin of a pilonidal cyst. The most plausible one is that it occurs due to the penetration of hair in the skin.

Since castor oil can draw out impurities easily so it also has the healing power to cure a pilonidal cyst because it draws out the impurities from it such as hair and debris.

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