Cysts Boils – Their Different Categories, Treatments and How to Prevent Their Recurrence

Cysts can develop in any part of the human body irrespective of age. It is a like a pus filled pocket which is separated by the nearby tissues by a membrane. The causes of the formation of cysts are varied. They include tumors, genetic disorders, infections etc. It is also formed when the hair follicle gets ruptured.

The cysts are easily noticed when they occur beneath the skin as they form lumps. However if they are found in internal organs, they can be detected only via x-rays, CAT scans etc.

Cysts boils are different from simple boils as they have a membrane around them which makes it difficult for the topical medicines to penetrate their outer wall. The cysts boils feel like tender lumps filled with fluid just below the skin.

Cysts boils are of three types:

  1. Pilonidal cysts
  2. Sebaceous cysts.
  3. Cystic acne

A pilonidal cyst is a fluid-filled cyst which occurs along the crease of the hips. The symptoms include an inflammation of the cysts boils and pain. The reason for its occurrence includes an ingrown hair which forms a cyst due to the localized infection. The other cause is an undue pressure applied to the hip region which causes tension in that area. This can be amply proved by the fact that a huge number of soldiers suffered from pilonidal cyst during the World War 11. Prolonged sitting posture while traveling in jeeps brought about the problem which required hospitalization. Hence, it is advisable to avoid sitting continuously during long journeys. Sitting in the same posture for prolonged hours causes this painful condition.

Initially the cysts boils show a symptom of an opening on the crease area of the hips only. However, if an infection occurs and a skin abscess is formed, then the following symptoms occur:

  • Swelling on the lower spine area.
  • The skin turns red and warm.
  • Pain in the lower spine
  • Pus oozing out from an opening in the skin,

If the cyst boils gets infected then it may be essential to have it lanced by a doctor. It is done by applying local anesthesia to numb the infected part followed by an incision on the skin. This gives an outlet to the trapped matter like pus, hair or other debris. The doctor may place gauze within the wound to allow the rest of the pus to ooze. After a few visits to the doctor’s chamber for redressing and removal of gauze, the wound gets clean and is covered to dry gradually.

Severe boils are treated by antibiotics to prevent the spreading of the infection as in cellulitis.

Sebaceous cyst boils are painless and movable lumps beneath the skin which should not be tampered with to avoid infection. The symptoms of an infection in these boils include tenderness and tension in that area accompanied with the discharge of pus from the boils. Sebaceous cyst boils usually wither away naturally. In cases where an infection starts, they should be removed surgically. The surgery should remove the whole sac.

An acne cyst is pus filled and looks like a nodule. One should avoid squeezing these cysts because if the bacteria present in these cysts spread to other organs or the blood stream, then blood infections like septicemia may occur. Unnecessary meddling with the boils may result in scarring and pits on skin which make the skin ugly and rough.

The doctors prescribe medicines to reduce the oil production in the skin. This helps in controlling the acne boils as they are triggered by an excessive sebum production in the skin.

One can prevent the recurrence of acne boils by following a healthy and hygienic eating regimen.

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