How to Cure Your Pimples in a Natural Way

Poultices have been used since ancient times to heal inflammation, boils, wounds, cuts, tumors, sprains to name just a few.

The reasons why poultices have not lost their significance even in the present times are as follows:

1. The skin being the first line of defense readily absorbs the therapeutic properties of bread, herbs etc.
2. Since poultices are usually applied hot they impart moist medicinal heat to the affected part.
3. The heat of the poultices also helps in drawing in more blood towards the pimples. This increases the amount of the white blood cells in the pimple region also. This makes the infection reach its climax quickly and speeds up the healing process.

The poultices help in healing skin disorders such as boils, ulcers etc in the following ways:

1. The can draw out the infection.
2. They soothe the inflamed tissues.
3. They increase the blood blow.
4. The help to relax the tensed muscles.

The use of moldy bread to treat infections has been prevalent since a long time back. The ancient Egyptians used to treat their wounded soldiers with moldy bread.

The first antibiotic named penicillin was discovered in 1982 by Prof. Alexander Fleming. Since then antibiotics are been used to control the bacterial infection such as boils, acne, pimples etc. Antibiotics are compounds containing bacteria and fungi which can destroy or control the competing microbes.

Bread and milk paste is a folk remedy that helps in curing pimples, acne etc in a natural way. The mold in the bread helps in destroying the bacteria that brings about skin problems such as pimples.

The following simple method can be followed to prepare a poultice of milk and bread to get rid of pimples:

1. Take a slice of bread and place it in a pan.
2. Pour some hot milk over it.
3. Let the bread soak up the milk.
4. With the help of a spoon mash the ingredients together to form a paste.
5. Apply the paste over the pimple.

Thus, we find that this remedy is both natural as well as scientifically proven. This is because bread mold contains natural penicillin which is a proven drug for curing bacterial infections.

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