A skin abscess refers to the accumulation of pus along with some infected material on the skin. It is a commonly occurring skin problem. There are different names assigned to this type of bacterial infections based on their source and extent. For the sake of convenience, they are generally clubbed together as boils or abscesses.

A skin abscess may result from:

1. An infection caused by the bacteria named Staphylococcus aurous.

2. A skin abrasion or a slight wound,

3. A folliculitis, which refers to an infection that is restricted to the hair follicle.

4. Cystic acne.

5. Ingrown hair.

6. Medications which suppress the immune system, thereby making the body prone to develop boils.

7. Food or an airborne allergy.

8. Thyroid disorders

9. Lack of hygiene

10. Toxic bowel

11. Junk food

When a person gets a boil, there is a tender pimple which gradually gets hardened. Subsequently, the infected region gets softened as it gets filled with pus, which comprises of white blood cells. This is a defense mechanism of the body to check the spread of the infection to other parts.

Abscess boil treatment is immediately required because boils are contagious and may also lead to complications.

Some of the different types of boils are cystic acnes, carbuncles, foruncles, folliculitis, pilonidal cysts etc.

Abscess boil treatment may differ according to the nature of the boil or abscess. In some cases, the boils get cured by themselves. Mild folliculitis and tiny furuncles get healed by a proper hygiene and care routine. Medication becomes imperative in cases where the boils are extensive and painful.

The aim of the abscess boil treatment is to get rid of the infection so that it does not spread any further.

If the boil is a mild one, it may be treated with a heat treatment comprising of hot packs. Heat is basically applied to accelerate the recovery by improving the blood circulation to the affected part. The body dispatches more white blood cells and antibodies to the affected region to fight off the infection.

It is not advisable to try to drain the boil if it is firm. Once it softens and forms a head or a pustule, draining it may help in relieving the pain.

Abscess boil treatment for some of the types of boils is as follows:

1. Cystic acne refers to the boils which are found mainly on the face amongst adolescents. It results from the blocking and infection of the oil glands. Some of the treatments include oral antibiotics, a hormonal treatment, topical bactericidals, oral retinoids, dermabrasion, sulphur, subcision, phototherapy, laser treatment etc.

2. Furuncles may occur due to the damage of the hair follicle which may let the bacteria enter deep into the tissues of the follicle.

Treatment is essential if the furuncle persists for more than a couple of weeks or if it reappears after healing on its own. Soaking the area with warm and moist cloth speeds the recovery. Attempts should not be made to squeeze it as this may spread the infection. Draining or lancing is best done surgically by a doctor. Systemic antibiotics are used to control repeated furuncles.

3. A carbuncle consists of several furuncles. A doctor should be consulted in case it is accompanied by a fever, swelling around the infected region or red streaks. The treatment is more or less the same as a furuncle. If they occur frequently, the doctor may treat them with antibiotics.

Prevention of these types of bacterial infections may require a proper health and hygiene standards.

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