How to Care for a Boil that has been lanced?

The method of lancing a boil is employed when the boil takes too long to heal and becomes painful. The critics of the lancing procedure state that it is not essential and it causes pain instead of bringing relief. However, lancing a boil becomes necessary because of the following factors:

• It assures that the pus that is discharged from the boil does not spread to the nearby regions and cause more boils.
• Antibiotic drugs are usually administered after lancing as they help in preventing the infection from spreading. These drugs can be prescribed only by a doctor after the boil has been drained through the lancing method.

So we find that having a boil lanced by a doctor is better then to face the music if the boil ripens and gets ruptured while sleeping. To avoid such a mess one should rather deal with the boil methodically and take the help of a doctor.

Since the boils are caused due to bacterial infections that are contagious one has to be careful even after they have been lanced and the wound dressed up. This can be done in the following way:

• The wound and its surrounding area should be kept clean by washing it with an antiseptic soap and rinsing it in a shower.
• Large boils have to be monitored regularly to ensure that they are not affecting the function of any internal organ or tissue. For this one needs to visit the doctor regularly.
• Intake of acidophilus capsules, plenty of water and B vitamins speed up the healing process.
• Plenty of rest also helps to cure a boil soon.
• Large boils keep oozing pus for some time after being lanced until they get drained completely. So the doctors usually insert a wick before covering the wound with gauze. One may have to visit the doctor a few times to have the dressing changed until the boil gets drained completely.
• Before one takes a shower the dressing should be opened in order to wash the wound gently with an antibacterial, unscented soap. Taking a shower is a safer option as compared to a using a bath-tub.

These simple tips can help one in looking after a boil properly after it has been lanced by a doctor.

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