The folk remedy of using tomato paste for treating boils has been popular in the olden days. It continues to be an evergreen method of curing boils even in the present times.

Our kitchen happens to similar to a pharmacy. It is stacked with stuff that can help us in getting rid of common ailments. Tomato is one such easily available vegetable that is commonly found in every home.

One should be aware about the simple yet safe home remedies and about the right way of using them. By doing so, we will be able to utilize the bounty of nature.

Apart from their great nutritional value tomatoes also have therapeutic properties which can help us in curing the skin boils.

They have proven to be an effective treatment for boils due to the following factors:

  • The acids present in the tomatoes can alleviate the pain caused by the boils. Tomatoes also speed up the process of ripening the boil after which the boil usually discharges its pus and gets healed.
  • Acne mostly occurs during adolescence due to an over-production of sebum. If tomato paste is applied on the skin it absorbs the excess oil thereby controlling the acne outbreak in an effective way.

The therapeutic properties of tomatoes can be utilized for curing boils and acne in the following ways:

  • A paste of tomato should be made by using fresh tomatoes. This paste should be smeared over the boil and covered with gauze. It should be kept till an hour and then washed off with lukewarm water.
  • A tomato pack can be applied over the facial skin to control acne. For this, one should mash one tomato into a paste and apply it all over the face. The tomato paste pack can be washed after an hour with warm water and it should be pat dried. This pack should be applied once daily, till a week. It gives relief from inflammation and also controls the acne growth.

The unused tomato paste should be stored properly in the fridge. It can be used till 3 days or so. It should be applied on the skin for only as long as it has been suggested, to avoid drying of the skin.

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