Armpit boils or skin abscesses are caused by bacterial infections. Since our body is well-equipped with its own defense system these boils wither away naturally after some time. However, if the immunity level of the body is low these boils cannot be controlled effectively. This makes the boils grow in size and severity.

The staph infections that cause boils in our body are contagious. They can spread to different parts of the body and also from one person to another if precautions are not taken. If the staph infection is severe or if there are chances of recurrence, then the antibiotics play a significant role in controlling such severe infections. Antibiotics are drugs specially formulated to control such bacterial infections. Sometimes the underarm boils need to be surgically lanced or drained.

In such cases also there are immense chances of the infection spreading to other parts. This is because during surgical lancing the pus from the boils that contains the infection can spread to other parts of the skin. So antibiotics play an important role in cases where lancing is essential.

Antibiotics treatment is done in the following ways to control the underarm boils menace:

  • Topical antibiotics such as tetracycline are applied over the boil to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the skin.
  • Oral antibiotics such as minocycline can cure boils due to their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • After lancing the doctors use glycerin magnesium sulphate for application over the affected parts. In spite of it antibiotics have to be registered as a precautionary measure as such infections stand high chances of spreading.
  • If the boils are Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA then the antibiotic treatment becomes even more essential. Specific antibiotics need to be administered in such cases that can fight with the stubborn bacteria.

Thus, we find that antibiotics are used at every step in curbing the underarm boils in one way or the other. However, antibiotics have some short-comings. Apart from some side-effects, they are ineffective in curing abscesses properly as they cannot penetrate into the walls of the boils.

Hence, we find that antibiotics cannot cure underarms boils all by themselves. For a quick recovery, they need to be used judiciously by combining them with lancing or natural remedies.

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