Campho Phenique for Boils – A Safe Way to Eradicate Them

The boils which appear on the skin are an outcome of a bacterial infection.

The bacteria get into the skin through minor rashes or broken skin. These germs are on the look out for breeding grounds and do not spare any chance to spread to other areas.

Under such circumstances is becomes imperative to stop the infection from spreading.

Awareness about the boil infection can help a person in controlling it before it leads to drastic consequences.

If a timely action is not taken, the boils can cause a lot of pain. Moreover, lack of proper information about handling boils can lead to blood poisoning. This is because squeezing or pressing boils in an attempt to remove the pus can be quite risky. It may spread the infection to other parts beneath the skin. The infection can also affect other internal organs besides the bloodstream.

Hence it is important that boils are treated seriously. If the boils are mild then they would not require medical treatment.

Keeping the infected area clean with a germicide such as campho phenique can be helpful. Campho phenique is a clear, transparent and volatile fluid. It is hot and aromatic in taste.

It is prepared by heating carbolic acid and pouring it into a container with camphor-gum.

The properties due to which medical practitioners prefer campho phenique for boils are as follows:

  • It is an anti-septic agent
  • It has germicidal properties
  • It kills parasites.
  • It is non-irritant and non-poisonous.
  • It does not cause stains or discoloration.
  • It does not have a bad odor or taste.
  • It prevents infections if applied immediately over fresh wounds or cuts.
  • As a local anesthetic it brings down pain.
  • It is safe enough to be used on broken skin.
  • It does not contain toxins or caustic properties.
  • As an antiseptic it can manage to penetrate deep into the infected skin.
  • It prevents a secondary infection in the skin.
  • It relieves the person of the pain due to the boil and promotes healing.
  • It is considered to be one of the safes germicides.

One can use campho phenique for boils in the following ways:

  • A piece of gauze should be cut that is big enough to cover the entire boil. Some campho phenique should be poured over the gauze and placed over the infected part.
  • A slight pressure should be applied over the gauze for some time. If the boil has a mild infection then immediate results can be seen. Otherwise it is better to leave the gauze overnight.

If the boil goes beyond the stage where it can be controlled in an effective way with campho phenique then it should be medically examined.

A complete medical check up helps in the following ways:

  • Tests help the doctor in getting sure about the actual underlying cause of the boil.
  • A bacterial culture helps in knowing about the type of bacteria which is causing the boils. This is done mainly to know whether an MRSA is involved.
  • In certain cases the boils spread within a family. Tests also help in understanding that which person is the actual carrier of the germs.

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  • ricky roy:

    where can i get the campho phenique for boils treatment in INDIA

  • Boils Treatment Expert:

    You can have it from any chemist with OTC medicine counter…. But please make cure you do not use any medicine or treatment before visiting your doctor because only a doctor can analyze the severity of the problem and advice accordingly…

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