Splinters are foreign objects that can be of different materials such as wood, glass, metals etc. They should be removed without any delay because they are full of germs and can cause an infection or allergy.

In some cases the splinter can be seen and some pain is felt. There is also a particular sensation of a foreign object being embedded in one’s skin. On the other hand some people may not be aware of a splinter till an infection starts which makes the area tender, swollen, red and pus-filled.

Besides providing us with nutrition food also has therapeutic properties to heal us. This is evident by the use of poultices since a long time. Different types of foods are used to cure infections, inflammations, boils etc by placing them on the affected part and covering them with gauze.

The following steps are followed to make a poultice:

• The ingredients are mixed together to form a paste.
• A porous cloth is used to cover the affected part of the skin.
• The paste is smeared over the cloth.
• Lastly, in order to keep the paste firmly in its place it is tied with gauze.

Milk and bread paste or poultice is one such useful folk remedy that is quite effective in drawing out splinters from the skin. It is also used to heal boils and to extract ingrown hair from beneath the skin.

In order to make this poultice one should simply add a slice of bread to warm milk and form a paste. Some rules should be adhered to while using a poultice. They are:

• Basically a poultice is a remedy for the skin that employs moist heat. Hence, it should be kept warm by replacing it as soon as it cools down or by placing a hot water bottle on top of it.
• It is not meant to be re-used.
• It should also not be applied directly on an open wound.
• After the poultice is removed the affected area should be washed with either water or herbal tea such as mugwort or chamomile.

If these practical tips are kept in mind then one can easily utilize the benefits of a milk and bread paste or poultice.

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