Boil on Buttocks – How to Get Rid of Boils Safely and Prevent their Recurrence

The boils on buttocks are quite painful because they cause a lot of discomfort while sitting. They get triggered by an infection in a hair follicle. The infected area soon develops a soft nodule. Constant pressure on the area while sitting hardens it. Such boils usually occur on the crease of the hips. A pus pocket is formed which contains the hair along with the pus. Since boils are divided into different categories, the ones which usually occur on the hip’s cleft are referred to as pilonidal cysts.

Some of the factors which cause buttock boils are as follows:

  • An ingrown hair is the most common factor which can cause a buttock boil and make sitting difficult. Such hairs grow abnormally. Instead of shooting out of the skin, they turn back and grow into the same hair follicle from which they are supposed to sprout. Such hairs often clog the hair follicle and lead to a skin inflammation.
  • The sweat glands tend to get choked with dirt and sweat leading to a boil. In certain cases, the boils caused by such clogging are recurrent and cause a lot of pain. Surgical removal of the sweat glands in the buttocks region becomes the only option left for the doctors.
  • Boils on buttocks may result if a person happens to accidentally sit on something like a splinter or a wood piece. These foreign objects may then get lodged inside the skin. Since they may be dirty and carrying the germs on them, they tend to cause an infection within the skin which leads to a boil.
  • In case a person has got a bruised on the buttocks, the bacteria get a chance of entering the skin through the cut on the skin. The infection causes a boil which may increase in size and cause intolerable pain. Hence, it is advised to keep even the minor wounds clean and covered to prevent a bacterial invasion.

The causes of boils recurrence in the buttocks are as follows:

  • The absence of a strong immune system leads to recurrence of boils. If the immune system is strong it can easily fight the bacterial invasion. But when the body’s natural defense becomes weak, then it becomes susceptible to boils.
  • If the skin is prone to diseases such as eczema, it becomes more vulnerable to boils.

A timely treatment of the boils can prevent a lot of hazards. The following are the steps which if followed, can cure boils.

  • Heat therapy is considered the best and easiest in curing the buttock boils. This helps in formation of a pustule or a head. Heat application improves the blood supply to the infected buttock area. This brings more white blood cells to ward off the bacterial invasion. Once the boil comes to a head, it can easily get drained of all it pus within some time. A hot water bottle comes handy while giving the heat treatment.
  • If the boils are accompanied by symptoms such as chills and fever, then medical treatment is of utmost importance.
  • Since the boils are contagious, they should be dealt with a lot of care. Hygiene should be maintained always and antibacterial soaps should be preferred to perfumed and colored ones.
  • In case the boils are too large, a minor surgery is essential to lance them or drain them. Squeezing them to burst them open at home is quite dangerous as the infection can spread to other parts.

If there seems to be any sort of complication, then a bacterial culture is essential to find out the underlying cause of the boils.

Spreading of boil infection in internal organs or the blood may lead to insurmountable difficulties. Hence, one should be aware of all the complications and treat the boils seriously.

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