Boils Lance – A Time Tested and Safe Method to Drain Boil

Boils lance is imperative because with boils one cannot take a chance.

Boils are a common skin problem which can affect people of all ages. They are localized infections mostly caused by a bacterial infection. They appear on the skin some time after the actual infection starts beneath the skin. Their symptoms include inflamed skin which gets reddened and causes irritation. Soon after the rash like symptom appears, a nodule gets formed which grows in size. This is the ideal time to take action because one cannot make out at the very onset whether the boil is going to wither away naturally after some time or give sleepless nights.

The whole process of boils formation should be understood in order to cure them quickly and by using safe methods. Lack of awareness can cause irreversible problems in some cases and bring about the blood infection as in septicemia. The infection can also spread to the internal organs besides the bloodstream if the concept of boil is not fully understood.

Boils are contagious in nature. Hence, a lot of precautions are taken to avoid their spread to other parts of the skin or body. One has to make certain changes in the daily life like taking showers instead of using a bath tub. Scented and colored soaps should be replaced with anti-bacterial soaps.

Once the boil infection starts, the immune system of the body which is well-equipped to face the bacterial invasion sends off the white blood cells towards the boil region to fight off the bacteria. When they finally succeed a tiny head or pustule appears on the head of the boil. This is a sure sign of the boil getting ripe or mature. This is also the ideal time when the boil can be drained. Sometimes the boils are not large or complicated ones like carbuncles and can be treated at home. It is essential to know how to lance boils but one should avoid doing it on ones own as it involves the risk of the spread of the infection. The doctors are better equipped to lance the boils as they have the necessary equipment as well as an understanding of the nuances.

The items which are required in the surgical procedure of boils lancing or draining include:

  • An astringent
  • Anesthesia
  • Sap and water
  • Scalpel
  • Bandage or gauze

It is not advisable to rupture and drain a boil which has not come to a head. This is a sign of an ongoing infection and implies that the white blood cells have not defeated the staph bacteria completely. To help the boil mature quickly various poultices as well as warm compress method is used. The heat applied to the infected area improves the blood circulation. This brings in more white blood cells to the boil region which kill the bacteria quickly.

The following steps are usually followed in lancing boils:

  • Hands have to be washed properly before the lancing the boil.
  • The surrounding area has to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • The boil area is washed with soap and water followed by hydrogen peroxide.
  • If a needle is being used, it should be sterilized.
  • The patient is given some support to make him comfortable.
  • A cut is made with a scalpel on the head of the boil which should not be very deep. In case of a needle, the prick must also be shallow.
  • The opened boil is gently pressed so that the pus may come out.
  • The hands as well as the boil area are both cleaned with soap and water immediately.
  • The boil area must be allowed to dry up before covering it with gauze or a bandage.
  • The boil can erupt again if the infection was deep-seated. Hence, the same procedure has to be used to remove the rest of the pus as it trickles out intermittently.

The area around the boil starts drying up and becomes less sensitive as a sure sign of successful lancing.

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