When people wear skin-tight clothes little do they realize that the tightness of their clothes can cause boils on their skin.

The human skin has been referred to as the first line of defense. It serves as a protective barrier and is capable of neutralizing many potential microscopic dangers. However, the skin also happens to be a very sensitive organ. Constant pressure or repeated friction can irritate the skin. It can cause rashes as well.

The types of clothes that can cause boils due to friction are as follows:

  • Skin-fitting jeans
  • Tight bra straps.
  • Tight underwear made of synthetic fabrics.

Such clothes can cause acne mechania which is a type of acne that gets triggered due to constant pressure, covered skin or repetitive friction on the skin. Tight clothes and synthetic fabrics are the main culprits that cause this type of acne. This is because if the clothes that we wear are too tight then they may constantly keep rubbing against the skin. Constant rubbing prevents the skin to breathe freely.

Certain people are prone to suffer from non-facial acne. They may get acne on their shoulders, neck or back. Such people stand a high chance of getting acne mechania.

Acne mechania strikes in the following conditions:

  • If the skin is vulnerable because of heat
  • If there is excessive pressure on the skin
  • If tight clothes do not allow the skin to breathe.
  • If a person is prone to developing body acne.
  • If the already present black heads suffer extra pressure and friction.

Such acne boils can be avoided by following these simple tips:

  • One should wear loose, cotton clothes that allow the skin to breathe freely and absorb the sweat.
  • One should also avoid constant friction on any particular area on the skin.

Acne mechania should be treated carefully in order to prevent the blackheads and pimples from developing into cysts. Cysts can be difficult to treat and may also turn into ugly scars. There are many individuals who cannot avoid things which put friction on their skin which causes acne mechania. Such people should be extra careful about their skin once their heavy professional duties get over.

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