Boil Relief Remedies for Immediate as well as Long-Term Relief

Boils or skin abscesses are pus-filled pockets in the skin which are caused by infection. In most of the cases it is the staphylococcus aurous which brings about the infection. The boil area gets inflamed and tense. Except for the mild boils the rest become tender, sore and painful. They can become a nuisance if they occur in such parts as armpits, groin etc.

The boils which take long to suppurate bring about a lot of agony. Since they are highly contagious, one needs to take some precautions to avoid them from spreading. They can spread around the original boil and even affect other family members if care is not taken.

Some boils require immediate medical attention whereas others quietly wither away. In both the cases the pain can be alleviated by taking some simple measures for boils relief such as:

  1. Hydrotherapy is an effective remedy for bringing relief to the pain caused by the boils. It can be used in two ways. The first method involves the use of warm compressions given to the boil. A cloth is dipped into hot water and placed on the boil after being winged out. The heat so applied improves the blood supply to the infected area bringing in more white blood cells to kill the staph bacteria. In the second method hot and cold compressions are given to the boil alternately. After placing the hot cloth strip on the boil for some time the cloth is then dipped in to icy cold water and placed on the boil. This helps in drawing out the infection quicker.
  2. The boils may erupt on the skin as a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Absence of a balanced diet weakens the body’s immunity. The body becomes prone to frequent boil eruptions. Hence food plays a vital role in controlling the infection from within. A nutritious and healthy diet is essential to strengthen one’s immunity.
  1. Some of the herbs which are used for boils relief are:
  • Echinacea acts as a stimulant for the immune system and it cleanses the blood as well as the lymph glands.
  • Garlic is a powerful herb and a natural anti-biotic which is more effective than even some antibiotics used to control boils.
  • Burdock root helps in expelling the toxins from the body and functions as a natural antibiotic.
  • Milk Thistle helps in cleaning the liver and the blood.
  • Red Clover Blossom is also a naturally occurring antibiotic which helps in purifying the liver and the blood.
  1. Poultices are quite effective in bringing boils relief too. Some of the simple yet effective poultices are as follows:
  • A slice of bread should be soaked in hot milk and placed over the boil. It should be tied with a bandage. This process should be repeated 3-4 times daily until the boil gets ready to suppurate.
  • Milk cream can also be used as a poultice.
  • A betel leaf should be slightly warmed and smeared with castor oil. This should be placed over the boil. This leaf should be replaced with a fresh one when the former cools down.

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