A blind boil is one which does not suppurate perfectly or which fails to form a blind boilshead. It refers to a sluggish boil which shows no signs of maturing and draining. It is a small bump on the skin which is red in color and does not contain pus. It is commonly known as a pimple.

Pimples are formed on the skin when the sebaceous glands become over active and produce more sebum than the skin can handle. The excessive sebum clogs the pores of the skin and gets mixed with dirt. These blocked pores become a breeding ground for the bacteria, which leads to a bacterial infection in the skin. The body tries to get into a defense mode and sends white blood cells to the infected region to kill the bacteria.

This results in the formation of white pus which consists of white blood cells, bacteria and dead tissues. Gradually a head or a pustule is formed on the boil, through which the pus gets drained. However in the case of a blind boil or a pimple, the infection is deep seated. So it does not form a head or opening through which the pus may get discharged.

In such a case, applying salicylic acid is advisable. It is an active component of lotions and creams used to cure pimples and keep the skin clean. Salicylic acid is easily available It is instrumental in the free movement of the sebum to the skin’s surface.

As prevention is better than cure, so it would be advisable to follow steps to prevent development of pimples.

Some diseases bring about hormonal changes which lead to the outbreak of pimples/ acnes. These underlying ailments should not be left untreated to curb the menace of blind pimples/ acne.

A healthy diet helps in curbing boils. Junk food has a detrimental effect on the skin, which shows up in the form of blind pimples, boils etc.

Some medicines can trigger pimples. So in case one notes that pimples start appearing after taking a certain medicine, one should consult the doctor immediately.

Meddling with the pimples in ways such as squeezing them or pinching them can make the problem complicated.

Certain harsh soaps, oil based make up products and hair sprays affect the skin.

Stress also triggers pimples, so it would be wise to try to eliminate the stress causing factors.

    The best blind boils treatment is as follows:

    1. Efforts are made to convert the blind boil into a pustule. For this, heat treatment is applied, as in done with the usual boils with a head. Cotton balls are dipped in hot water and placed over the blind boil. This method, if repeated several times, helps in formation of a head or in curing the blind boil. One has to be a little patient with the blind boils treatment, as some time is required before results can be seen.
    2. Honey is widely used as an effective blind boils treatment due to its anti- bacterial properties.
    3. Fuller’s earth is also an effective cure for a flawless skin.
    4. A paste made out of orange peel when applied to pimples, helps in getting rid of them.
    5. Ripe tomato paste is applied to cure pimples also.
    6. Fresh garlic when rubbed on to the affected skin helps in reducing pimples and does not leave any scars too.

    It has been found that the natural blind boils treatment is much better than taking medications. They do not have any side effects and do not dry the skin too. They also help in speedy recovery as compare with medicines.

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