Black Ointment Best Cream for Boil

Boil is formed on the skin because of bacterial infection of hair follicles. They are reddish in color and are painful. They can affect any part of the body. The affected area swells up and it has a white spot in the cent re. It is filled with yellow or white liquid called pus. At times a person may suffer from fever. Many people are of the opinion that they heal on their own but if they are not treated soon then they can grow bigger and become painful and uncomfortable for the person.

Boils can be treated comfortably at home. The most effective way is to give warm compresses. To give warm compresses Epsom salt mixed with warm water is used. A clean cloth is dipped in it and applied on the affected area. This is repeated several times a day. This helps in forming of a head which helps in draining of pus. The pus is contains the infections so one should be very careful. The affected area should be cleaned with antiseptic lotion and ointment should be applied. This makes the healing process of the boil faster.

There are many ointments available in the market but black ointment is very effective. Black ointment contains various herbs, oils and natural products. They contain extract of chaparral herb, lobelia herb, comfrey leaf, golden seal root, red clover herb, mullein herb, marshmallow root, chickweed herb and myrrh gum. They reduce the risk of infection and promote cell growth. It also acts as a blood purifier. The other name for this ointment is drawing slave. It not only heals but draws the infection out of the skin.

Ichthanmol ointment is a medication made up of sulphur. It contains shale mixed with beeswax or paraffin. It is anti fungal and anti bacterial therefore it is very effective on bacterial infections like boils. It is called black ointment because of its color. It not only cures it takes the infection out of the body.

The ointment should be evenly applied on the affected part of the body several times a day. This helps in healing the boil faster. It easily penetrates in the body. It softens the skin, increases the cell growth and purifies blood thus removing the toxins.

But if not treated properly then the boil may grow bigger and become more painful. In such a case only medical help can heal the boil. Doctor can drain the pus out of the boil by applying local anesthesia and making a cut on the affected are which help in draining of pus. Then he applies an antiseptic lotion to clean the affected area and covers the boil with a bandage and under his supervision frequently changes the bandage and the boil is cured.

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