Draw out the boils infection with the powerful anti bacterial black salve boil treatment

A salve refers to a medical cream which is used to soothe certain parts of the body.

There are two different herbal products which are some times referred to as black salve. Hence one needs to be a little cautious while buying the actual black salve. The actual ointment is referred to as the black drawing salve and has ichthammol. It is used to draw out skin infections due its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is used in the treatment of boils, for removing of splinters from the skin and for treating the pus filled eruptions found on the skin as well.

The ointment with which this black drawing salve is commonly confused with is black salve, an ointment which contains bloodroot and has been used since a long time as an alternative treatment for cancer.

Black drawing salve boil treatment can be availed in various tubes, containers etc. It can also be prepared at home. However if one opts for a home made one then the instructions for making it should be carefully followed.

This treatment is a time tested one and has been used successfully over the years. The treatment is based on the belief that certain types of infections and impurities can be drawn out through the skin by some effective substances such as black drawing salve. The main ingredient of black drawing salve, ichthammol, imparts the black color to this salve.

The black salve boil treatment helps the body in fighting off the foreign objects like splinters and organisms like bacteria. It is a mild preparation as opposed to the other black salve, which if not used under proper medical guidance, may burn the normal tissues besides the affected ones.

Boils or skin abscess, appear as a reaction of the body to the presence of certain foreign objects in the skin or an infected hair follicle. The boils may be caused due to an external reason such as bacteria entering the skin through minor cuts, abrasion etc or due to an internal cause such as an allergic reaction to certain food substances or over production of sebum. In both the cases, there is an infection caused by the bacteria. Therefore, the black drawing salve is quite useful because of its anti bacterial property in curing skin boils.

As in case of all alternate treatments, one should have the boil diagnosed by a doctor, if the need arises. If boils are accompanied by fever, it implies that the infection is severe. Hence a doctor should be consulted to avoid complications. In case of an allergy to any ingredient of the drawing salve ointment, the use should be discontinued.

The drawing salve ointment resembles tar and has a thick consistency. The main ingredient of this ointment, ichthammol or ichthyol, has been widely used in creams, shampoos and soaps which are used to treat acne, dandruff etc.

For the black salve boil treatment to prove effective, at least 10% – 20 % of ichthammol should be present. Lesser amounts would make the salve products ineffective.

Black drawing salve is also referred to as Black ointment and ichthyol salve. Besides its primary ingredient ichthammol it also contains some herbs such as calendula, Echinacea etc. These herbs are popular for their anti bacterial and soothing properties as well as for reducing pain and inflammation of the skin.

The black salve boil treatment works in the following ways:

  1. When the drawing salve is applied to the boil, it draws out any splinter which may have entered the skin and caused the infection.
  2. The salve should be evenly applied over the infected part and covered overnight or for a few days.
  3. This salve easily penetrates into the tissues. Its main ingredient softens the skin, thereby, increasing blood circulation. More blood means more white blood cells to fight off the infection. This results in the formation of pus around the foreign object after which it gradually gets ejected along with the pus.

The black drawing salve is a versatile cure which is widely used not only to reduce boils irritation but also to heal them successfully.

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