Which is the best treatment for deep skin infection?

Skin infections can be either superficial or deep-seated. The superficial skin infections such as impetigo affect the surface of the skin only. On the other hand deep skin infections affect not only the skin surface but also the tissues beneath it. They can affect the dermis and the subcutaneous tissues. Furuncles, carbuncles, cystic acne and cellulitis are deep-seated skin infections that are caused by bacteria.

The best treatment for deep skin infections is the natural one. The natural treatment is not only safe but it is more effective than the antibiotic treatment too. The antibiotic cure for bacterial infections has lost its effectiveness to quite an extent because the bacteria have developed drug-resistant strains. The methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA serves a good example.

In order to cure cellulitis the following remedies can be used:

1. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that helps in fighting off bacterial infections. One should take 500 mg of garlic 4 times per day till a period of 10 days.
2. Dietary modification can also do wonders in controlling impetigo. One should avoid sugar and caffeine and include whole cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables to one’s diet.

Treatment of skin abscess such as carbuncles and furuncles can be done with the following home remedies:

1. A cotton swab dipped in dilute tea tree oil should be gently applied over the carbuncle several times daily.
2. Turmeric capsules can help in curing carbuncles because turmeric is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties.
3. A hot compress is an ideal cure for furuncles. A cloth should be soaked in hot water and then wrung out and placed over a furuncle. This procedure should be followed several times a day. This makes the boil form pus and helps in its draining. After this the boil withers away.

The natural remedies to cure cystic acne are as follows:

1. Applying aloe vera directly on the cystic acne helps in curing it.
2. A paste of neem and turmeric is also quite effective in curing cystic acne.

The bacterial infections can also be controlled effectively by strengthening one’s immunity by taking the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. When the immune system gets strengthened the body can curb the bacterial infections easily.

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