Antibiotics are external elements to cure boils which are formed because of bacterial infection on the skin. Our body has a very strong immune system to fight any infection but at times the infection can be too strong and one needs to take medicines in order to cure them. These medicines are called antibiotics.

People have been using these antibiotics since long times and they have been cured by it.
Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria but also prevent them from growing.

The boils occur due to bacterial infection. Staphylococcus aurous is the bacteria responsible for the infection. Minor boils are cured by themselves but if they grow they need to be treated. Some can be treated at home by giving hot compresses and maintaining proper hygiene. A little bigger one and ones that do not have mouth are treated by doctors. The doctor drains out the pus by surgery. But when the boils occur again and again one needs to use antibiotics to cure them.

Antibiotics are of two types one that can be applied externally and another oral antibiotics. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that is applied externally which destroys the bacteria. They have no side effects. If the area affected is very large then it becomes very hard to apply it. In such cases oral antibiotic such as minocycline helps in curing boils.

Even if the boils are mild enough to be treated at home antibiotic cream should be applied on it once the pus drains out. Even in case of surgery doctor prescribes antibiotics once the pus drains out. Antibiotics not only cure the infection they also stop them from spreading.

Various home treatments along with antibiotics fasten the healing process. Warm compress given by mixing Epsom salt in warm water by a clean cloth on the affected area helps in forming head of the boil. It also relaxes from pain and swelling. Once the head is formed the pus drains out easily from the boil.

The affected area should be cleaned properly and an antibiotic should be applied on the area. If done so the boil heals faster. Even if one takes antibiotic in the form of tablets the healing process is quickened. Even after surgery doctor prescribes antibiotics for the boil to heal up.

Since boils are highly contagious they should be treated carefully and properly. Antibiotics act as catalyst and help in quick recovery of boils so they should be used properly while treating boils.

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