Baby Boils Treatment – Safe Methods to Treat your Delicate Baby

Boils usually occur due to a bacterial infection. If a single boil occurs somewhere on the baby’s skin then it can be effectively controlled by using simple home remedies. However, if you find that boils are widespread and are causing discomfort to the baby then it is essential to consult a pediatrician right away.

If the boils keep recurring then a bacterial culture is the best way to ascertain the actual cause of such boils.

Some of the best ways to tackle boils in babies are as follows:

  1. The babies should always be given medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor. The recommended dosage should be strictly followed to avoid any complication.
  2. The baby and the rest of the family should have separate towels. The baby’s towel should be washed frequently.
  3. The place where the baby plays should be disinfected.
  4. Avoid giving a bath to the baby in a bath-tub to prevent the spread of the infection. A shower is a safe option. Chlorhexidine should be used till a couple of weeks for cleansing.
  5. Anti-bacterial soaps should be used to wash the baby’s clothes.
  6. Take care so that the baby does not touch the boil. Touching boils is one of the ways by which they can spread to other parts.
  7. One should give the baby a healthy diet for strengthening the immune system. Weak immunity is one of the reasons why boils occur.
  8. Once the boil gets ripened and drained honey should be applied over the affected part. Honey is a natural antiseptic that controls the spread of infections.
  9. To cure recurrent boils Naseptin is usually prescribed by the doctors. This antibiotic is meant to be taken 4 times daily till a period of 10 days.
  10. Sterilized cotton that has been soaked in warm water should be placed on the boil a few times daily. This helps in ripening the boil.
  11. Poultices made from bread that has been soaked in hot milk can also help in healing the boils quickly.

The above mentioned precautionary and remedial measures can prevent the spread of the bacterial infection and cure the boils effectively.

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