What are Axillary Boils and How Can You Cure Them?

Axillary boils are boils formed in the axillary cavity because of bacterial infection. Armpit boil is also called axillary boil. They are formed because of the infection of the hair follicles and perspiration of the sweat glands. This generally happens because of staph bacteria. The staph bacteria are present on the skin but when they enter the skin through cuts and wounds they become painful and infectious. The hair is exposed to friction due to physical movement. The armpit region has highly developed sweat glands. Due to excess sweating the part connecting the gland and the hair follicle gets blocked with the left over formed due to drying up of sweat.

It is highly contagious. It can spread from one person to another and also to different parts of the body. If the infection is severe then one needs to take antibiotics. The boils are very painful and at times can lead to fever. It can affect daily activities.

Warm compresses are very effective in boils. They help in the formation of head which results in draining of pus. A warm compress is given by dipping a clean cloth in warm saline water. The cloth is put on the affected area. It not only helps in formation of head but also gives relief from itchiness.

Garlic is a very effective way of treating the boil. It is a power herb. It is a strong antibiotic. It releases toxins from the body which cleans the body of infections. It can be applied by crushing it and forming a paste of it and applying on the affected area. After applying the paste the area should be covered with a bandage. It can also be taken in raw form. Garlic capsules are also available in the market.

Tea tree oil is also very effective in boils. It is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature.

Aloe Vera is also very effective in treating boils. It has a soothing effect on the boil.

Turmeric is a very common Indian spice. It is normally seen in every kitchen. Turmeric is mixed with water to form a paste. This paste is applied on the boil. It is antiseptic.

If the boils do not respond to these remedies then one should seek medical advice. One should use the ointments prescribed by the doctor. The ointment can be applied several times on the affected area.

Apart from the ointment the doctor can even give oral antibiotics. These antibiotics along with home remedies speed up the healing process.

Sometimes the boils are severe in nature and occur again and again. In such a case the only way to get rid of the infection is surgery.

Apart from all these methods the individual should follow cleanliness. They should keep their towels, bed sheets clean and should not share with others. They should clean the area with anti bacterial soap.

If taken proper care the boil can be treated properly and can be stopped from occurring again.

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