Learn How to Cure Armpit Boils and Get Back to Life with Armpit Boils Treatment

Boils or skin abscess is usually caused by an infection in the hair follicles caused by the bacteria named staphylococcus. Carbuncles, furuncles, cystic acne etc are the medical terms given to the different types of boils. These boils are different from each other in terms of their location, way of development and reason of their formation.

Besides the bacterial infection, such boils may also result from a weak immune system, poor health and low hygiene standards.

Boils are said to develop mostly in regions which have hair and friction.

Armpit boils are quite painful and bring about discomfort. So they should be treated immediately to avoid further inconvenience. If such boils are chronic, they can add to the woes by hampering the daily activities

These boils develop in the armpit region due to folliculitis, which is a skin problem in which there is a bacterial infection in the hair follicle. The movement of the arms causes friction of the hair in the armpit region. This leads to the development of boils.

Another reason is the presence of highly active sweat glands in the armpit region. Sometimes the sweat dries up and forms residue. This blocks the ducts which link the glands to the follicles. Boils get formed due to the resultant infection. If these boils persist, they can become bothersome. Surgery becomes imperative to get rid of this problem by eliminating the glands.

The sebaceous glands present in the armpit region produce sebum which lubricates the hair follicles. At times the region connecting these glands and the hair follicles becomes blocked due to certain impurities. This results in boils.

One more reason why boils are formed in the armpit region is hid adenitis suppurate, a skin problem of chronic boils. Though this ailment is not common but it is very painful. Some times big lumps filled with pus are formed. The boils formed may be in clusters and they reappear in the same place.

There are some reasons why the boils get worsened instead of a recovering quickly.

  • It has been found that the people who smoke a lot are more prone to suffering from chronic boils conditions like hid adenitis suppurativa.
  • Those people are said to be more susceptible to chronic boils who consume lots of fats and junk food.
  • Prolonged stress may also trigger hid adenitis suppurativa. Therefore it is advisable for those suffering from this disorder to relax and de-stress oneself.
  • Deodorants have been reported to aggravate the boils.

The specific armpit boils treatment for hid adenitis suppurativa includes hormonal pills, certain antibiotics and laser surgery.

The armpit boils treatment for all the boils in general includes:

  1. Hygiene is of utmost importance. Hair removal from the armpits is also helpful in preventing excessive sweating.
  2. After exercising, the armpits should be washed because the sweat is a breeding ground for the bacteria. They may block the pores and lead to more boils.
  3. Razors should be changed frequently.
  4. If the armpit boil has no pus, a doctor should be consulted as it may be lump.
  5. Neem leaves which have been boiled in water and applied on boils are good in healing them.
  6. Turmeric is popular for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The ash formed by burning of its roots is mixed with water and applied on the boils. The boils become soft quickly and form a pustule or head, after which they get drained.

Since prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to prevent boils by the following methods:

    • Drinking  lots of water as it helps in flushing the toxins from the body
    • Having a well balanced diet.
    • Maintaining good health standards.
  • Avoiding tobacco, alcohol etc as they decrease the body’s vitality by preventing the flushing out of toxins.

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