Constipation is closely linked with the problem of boils. This is because our body removes the toxins through the colon and the skin. When a person is constipated the toxins which cannot get eliminated through excretion are eliminated via the skin.

Our skin reflects the internal state of our health. The presence of boils on the bum or elsewhere on the skin can be due to the following:

• Accumulation of harmful toxins in the body.
• Genetic factors.
• Lack of proper diet.
• Weak immunity
• Stress.

Our skin is often referred to as the body’s first line of defense. However, it has to face the constant onslaught of the sun, cold, heat, humidity, harsh soaps, chemicals and perspiration. Therefore, we often get rashes, boils, rosacea etc which causes a lot of awkwardness.
Unfortunately, the antibiotics that are used to cure skin boils only suppress the infections. They do not uproot the problem but only alleviate them for some time. This can lead to serious consequences as the internal problem can aggravate due to lack of a proper and timely treatment.

For our skin to be free of boils on the bums or elsewhere it is essential that the organs such as kidneys, liver, lungs and colon eliminate the toxins effectively. If there is constipation then the colon gets choked with fecal matter. The toxins that are required to be eliminated as soon as possible get stuck within the body for hours and spread toxins. The body makes an attempt to cleanse the filthy conditions due to constipation by filtering out the toxins through the skin.

This leads to the following:

• Skin becomes overburdened.
• Its pores get clogged
• Eruptions may occur in the form of bum boils or boils elsewhere on the skin.

There are several natural methods by which one can prevent constipation and detoxify the body to avoid bums or other boils. They are:

• Fasting
• Avoiding colas, junk and processed food.
• Intake of cabbage juice.
• Black walnut tincture.
• A high intake of water

Thus, we find that a therapeutic fasting coupled with detoxification can prevent constipation and the subsequent boils on the bum or on other places.

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