A lot of people face the problem of recurrent boils in spite of being healthy. The reason is that such people get boils because of a hereditary problem. They carry the spores of the bacteria which triggers boils right from there birth. Boils can be caused due to genetic transference.

In such a case the bacteria that cause boils on the skin are found on the skin surface or within the nasal chambers in form of large colonies. Such people are known as carriers. They are prone to getting boils themselves. They also make the people living besides them vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Cystic acne usually occurs amongst teenagers because of over production of sebum. In normal conditions the oil glands produce sebum to keep the skin well-moisturized. With the onset of puberty there are several hormonal changes in the body that stimulate the sebaceous glands. This leads to an excessive production of sebum.

The gland’s opening gets blocked and this forms a white head. The white head gradually turns into a black head. The bacteria that are present on the skin creep into the black head and start an infection. This forms a boil with pus inside it. Acne can be either mild or severe.

Acne is supposed to be caused due to heredity in some cases.

Acne gets aggravated by rubbing or friction produced by tight clothing, bra straps etc.

Some practical tips that can help in controlling acne boils are as follows:

  • The face should be washed twice daily with a mild face wash.
  • It should also be washed after exercising or other activities that makes one sweat.
  • The skin care, make up and hair care products should be oil free.
  • On should stick to a healthy diet and avoid junk as well as processed foods.
  • On should not get panicky on seeing acne boil. Instead of squeezing it or meddling with it one should try to cure it in a suitable way. Boils are contagious and squeezing them can spread the bacterial infection to other parts as well.
  • Avoid skin-tight clothes.
  • A cloth that has been immersed into warm water and then wringed out should be placed over the boils. This helps in bringing the acne boils to a head. Once they ripen they can get drained easily.

The hereditary boils cannot be prevented but natural treatment can surely help in bringing relief.

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