Apple Cider Vinegar Cure for Boils – How to Treat Painful Boils naturally and Say Goodbye to them

Although the apple cider vinegar cure for boils is an alternate treatment, but that does not make it any less significant.

Apple cider vinegar, commonly known as cider vinegar, is prepared by crushing organically grown apples. It is quite popular and widely used to cure a whole lot of ailments including boils, acne etc.

The natural cider vinegar is considered to be more effective than the refined one due to the presence of minerals and enzymes which are lost in the refined ones as they are filtered and over processed.

The natural cider vinegar is an effective cure for boils.  Acne boils are common amongst teenagers because of the excessive production of sebum which is a natural skin lubricant. The sebum clogs the skin pores, resulting in black heads and white heads. If these types of acne are left unattended, they may get infected.

The reasons why the apple cider vinegar cure for boils is popular are as follows:

  1. The skin needs an acid cover to maintain a glow as well as curb the bacterial growth on its surface. However, the alkaline nature of harsh soaps removes this cover. Natural Cider Vinegar has an ideal acidity (pH) level of 5 to 7. It thereby helps in keeping a check on bacterial growth.
  2. Some times boils are formed on the skin as a result of a deficiency of some minerals in the blood. The apple cider vinegar helps in infusing minerals into the bloodstream, thereby reducing pimples, boils etc.
  3. The apple cider vinegar helps in dissolving the deposits of fats on the skin because it contains alpha- hydroxyl acids. It also removes the roughness in the skin thereby promoting a smooth look.
  4. It minimizes the clogging of the pore on the skin which also helps in checking the growth of boils.
  5. If acne has been triggered by the presence of toxins in the body due to lack of a healthy diet, then apple cider vinegar cure for boils comes to one’s rescue. It is an excellent detoxifying agent. It helps in cleaning the body of all the harmful toxins which cause boils.
  6. It is a skin detoxifying agent too and it helps in cleansing the skin thereby reducing the eruption of pimples, boils etc.
  7. Cider vinegar is a natural agent for treating acne boils which may otherwise need medicines and antibiotics. Hence, it eliminates the problems of side effects which result from the use of some drugs.
  8. Since acne boils result from the bacterial infection in the clogged skin pores, apple cider vinegar helps in curbing acne as it kills the bacteria. Moreover, it absorbs the excessive oil produced in the skin which also reduces acne boils.

Before one starts applying the cider vinegar, it is advisable find out whether one’s skin is allergic to it or not. A simple test by applying a little cider vinegar below the chin may help one understand whether it would be suitable as a treatment or not. If the skin does not react it implies that it would be suitable.

Although it can be used directly but if seems to be too strong for the skin then it can be diluted with water.

Taking it orally as a general health tonic has proven beneficial for curing acne boils.

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