Apple Cider Vinegar and MRSA – Get Back to the Nature!

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA boils are caused by the staph bacteria that have grown resistant to various methyllin antibiotics. The antibiotics that are meant to cure bacterial infections have become ineffective due to the adaptable nature of the staph bacteria. Due to this MRSA boils are difficult to treat. They require stronger and better antibiotics to control the infections.

Apple cider vinegar provides a natural way of curing these stubborn bacterial infections. Natural antibiotics have proven to be more effective than the antibiotic drugs.

Apple cider vinegar is a murky, brown colored liquid with sediments in the bottom. The raw organic vinegar retains the mother. It is this vinegar that is largely used for medicinal purposes. The clear vinegar is stripped of all its benefits. Hence, it should be avoided.

Cider vinegar contains malic acid that is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and also an anti-viral agent. It helps is clearing the skin disorders and blemishes.

It helps to cure the stubborn MRSA boils in the following ways:

  • The harsh alkaline soaps destroy the acid cover of the skin. This acid cover is needed to protect the skin from bacterial growth. Apple cider vinegar provides the skin with an ideal pH balance that keeps the bacterial growth in check.
  • The alpha-hydroxyl acids found in the vinegar dissolve the fats deposits on the skin. The vinegar makes the skin smooth.
  • It stops the clogging of pores. This reduces the chances of boils.
  • It helps in detoxification of the body. If the boils are caused due to toxins then the vinegar can provide relief.
  • The apple cider vinegar comes to the rescue of those people who get boils due to the deficiency of some minerals. It contains potassium and calcium.
  • If one uses antibiotics to cure MRSA boils then such drugs can cause side-effects. Moreover, the staph bacteria can develop drug-resistant strains which can render the antibiotics useless. Excessive use of antibiotics can also trigger candidiasis or yeast infections.

Prior to the treatment one should make sure whether one’s skin is not allergic to the vinegar. This can be done by applying some cider vinegar below the chin. Since the vinegar so quite potent so it should be used in a diluted form always. It can be used orally also to cure the MRSA boils.

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