Relieve the Pain of Boils with Antibiotic Treatment for Boils

Antibiotics are medicines used to cure bacterial infections. Although our immune system is well equipped to fight off the bacteria with the leukocytes or white blood cells, but sometimes external help is needed which is provided by these antibiotics. Antibiotics are being successfully used since a long period to treat bacterial infections. There are various types of latest antibiotics which the doctors prescribe to the patients.

The antibiotics which are used to kill the bacteria are medically referred to as bactericidal antibiotics where as the ones which prevent the bacteria from multiplying are referred to as a bacteriostatic antibiotic.

The skin abscess or the boils are usually caused by the bacteria named Staphylococcus aurous. Mild boils get cured by themselves after they mature from a red and stiff boil to a white and soft one and then get drained. In case of a larger boil, a minor surgery is done to lance it. However, some times the boils recur or multiply. This is when the antibiotic treatment for boils has to be used.

The antibiotic treatment for boils is of two types.

The topical or the externally applied ones and the oral ones are both used to treat the boils in an effective manner.

Topical antibiotics like tetracycline destroy the bacteria which thrive in the hair follicles. Such antibiotics are as useful as the oral ones. They do not have any side effects also. However, they are not convenient to be used when the areas beyond the face are also infected and they have to be applied on a very large area.

Oral antibiotics such as minocycline have an anti inflammatory property which helps in curing boils.

When the boils persist, the antibiotics along with a heat treatment speed up the recovery process.

The reappearance of the boils needs to be dealt in a quick and aggressive way.

Some of the intricate boils do not respond to treatment. In such cases, the pus from the boils has to be collected and send for sensitivity and culture test and the required antibiotics need to be given to the patient.

If the boils are mild enough to be treated at home, antibiotic creams should be applied after the boil has been drained.

Even in cases when the boils are deep and need to be lanced and covered with a glycerin magnesium sulphate, the required antibiotics should be given to complete the treatment.

If a person is not taking the required antibiotics, he or she should totally abstain from meddling with the boils like squeezing them or pressing them. This can lead to dangerous consequences due to the spreading of the infection to some other organ or to the blood stream as in septicemia.

Antibiotic treatment for boils and other remedies such as lancing have to be used simultaneously for best results. They are both interdependent. Even when a surgery has been done and the pus removed, antibiotic drugs are prescribed by the doctors to prevent the spread of the infection especially if the nearby skin has got infected too.

Since boils are highly contagious, care should be taken not to let them develop. Moreover, they should be treated under medical supervision and over the counter drugs to cure them should be avoided.

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